Andrei SAJIN

Technical Expert - Software Architect


Fields of expertise: Web Development (PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript frameworks), UI (AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS), E-commerce, JAVA, Big Data, Mobile Technology (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile).


Andrei is a Technical Expert and Software Architect who draws on his extensive experience in web and mobile technologies to provide tailor-made technical solutions ranging from web architecture design, B2C / B2B E-commerce platform management and UI improvement, to mobile development and Big Data management (distributed messaging systems, distributed file systems, MapReduce).


His missions cover the entire scope of project development, management and administration. He conducts technical and functional audits and provides expert consulting on architecture-related decision-making, multi-provider management, website migration to other platforms or systems as well as the early stages of project launching.



Phone : +33 970754570

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