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Guillaume POUSSEO

Chief Customer DevOps Services Officer

About Guillaume POUSSEO

Guillaume is the Director of our Customer DevOps services. After more than 15 years of experience, mainly as a CTO, he is now helping our clients achieve the best quality, reliability and time to market for their infrastructures.

Guillaume’s team is composed of certified experts in Cloud technologies (AWS, Azure, GCP) and DevOps practices. They can onboard at any stage of a project to provide a wide range of services such as audits, consulting, mentoring and engineering. As soon as a collaboration starts, Guillaume and his team ensure Continuous Improvement through well-defined objectives that are constantly tracked and refined.

Guillaume works on enforcing the focus on Agile and Lean at Pentalog. This is done by leveraging DevOps practices and technologies focused on promoting strong collaboration within multi-disciplinary teams who work together to align your infrastructure with your business objectives.

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