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Maria Teresa Del Pilar PEREZ GONZALEZ

Customer Success Manager

About Maria Teresa Del Pilar PEREZ GONZALEZ

Pilar Pérez is an experienced IT professional familiar with multicultural environments, business development, talent management, leadership, innovation, and digital transformation.

She has managed technology relationships with global brands such as General Electric, Broadcom and Xerox. Pilar understands “high expectations” and is passionate about working with customers as partners to create value and optimize delivery.

With degrees in technology and an MBA from IESE Business School, University of Navarra, Pilar holds certificates in design thinking, leadership and smart manufacturing, and has worked and trained in California, New York, Europe, and China.

In September 2021, Pilar joined Pentalog as Customer Success Manager in Guadalajara and looks forward to making Pentalog a well-known name in the Mexican tech community.