In order to increase the quality of your deliverables and guarantee professional quality applications without major bugs, Pentalog has set up a quality management system, which was ISO 9001 certified in 2008. Pentalog, which is certified for its French (Orleans), Romanian (Brasov, Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj), Moldovan (Chisinau) and Vietnamese (Hanoi) offices, applies its quality policy through the daily participation of all employees.

The objective consists in offering our clients the same level of quality for the services provided, regardless of the production center and the type of contract that they have chosen.

Our Commitment: the Project Quality Plan

Writing what we will do and doing what we have written: this is the motto of the project quality plan (PQP). Our entire quality approach is recorded in this document written at the beginning of the project by Pentalog’s project manager and approved by our client. An integral part of the contract, the project quality plan includes all information related to project organization, team description, project follow-up, configuration management, testing approach (described in detail in the test plan), validation conditions etc. The project quality plan is updated after each modification in order to take into account all changes that occur in the service scope.

Enhanced communication with our customers

In order to maintain strong relations and provide regular reports on the progress and status of your project, Pentalog has created two types of regular meetings:

  • The first is the follow-up meeting which takes place every week between the client and the project manager. This purely operational meeting allows to have a regular view of the project progress, the identified risks etc.
  • The second is the steering committee. A more formal meeting, the steering committee brings together, on the one hand, Pentalog’s project manager and project director, and, on the other hand, the customer’s representatives who are in charge of the follow-up and the decision makers. Prepared in advance, reports are communicated before the meeting. The steering committee offers an immediate answer to all issues.

Project Quality Approach

Besides these privileged moments between the customer and Pentalog, the project manager can be contacted at any time through the different means of communication made available for all projects. Streamlining communication and dialog between our team and our customer allows us to considerably increase the quality of our services.

Learning and understanding your business in order to grasp the stakes of your project

Because we consider that for a successful project our employees must understand your business and methods, we recommend every time to carry out a pivot mission at the beginning of the project. This phase dedicated to learning and implementing the project, which takes place either on our client’s premises or in our office in the presence of our client, is the first step of a dedicated team project. It can be carried out in the project manager’s presence or with the entire team if necessary.

This practice allows us to render our employees operational on the “functional” aspect of your project in order to help you, or even to take complete charge of functional specifications, validation tests etc.

A set of tools dedicated to the quality of your project

At the beginning of each new project, the project manager takes the necessary steps with the other departments of the company in order to set up all the tools that will enable him to coordinate, manage and follow-up the project under the best conditions. Here are the tools that are made available for each and every customer project:

  • Wiki : the entire project-related documentation (specifications, reports, contract etc.) is stored on a wiki that can be accessed by all project participants (both customer and Pentalog employees). The URL is coded and the access is enabled through the HTTPS protocol in order to ensure data security.
  • ePole : ePole is our Time Tracking tool. It allows our project managers to monitor the time that has been allocated and spent and the remaining workload for each of their project tasks. In case of a dedicated team or technical assistance, ePole reports are used as activity reports which serve as a basis for invoicing.
  • Jira : all modification requests or bugs are managed through our Bug tracking tool called Jira. This tool ensures complete event traceability and allows to follow up in real time the taking over and processing of requests. It can also be accessed by our customers in complete transparency.
  • Chat : in order to streamline communication between our customers and the remote team, Pentalog has set up a secure internal instant messaging system. Upon request, our customers can be connected to this system in order to communicate with the project manager or the project director.
  • Project email : the project email address is designed for the information of all project participants. It is used for all written communication (except for personal email). Associated to a physical inbox which is saved on a daily basis, the communication on this generic address allows to maintain and secure all written messages.
  • Telephone : the project manager and project director can be contacted directly by telephone at local rates, regardless of the country where your project is developed.
  • Online conferences : Pentalog has a web conference tool equipped with a screen sharing feature for follow-up meetings, steering committees or simply for providing a precise view of the progress of your project.

Knowledge management : a commitment to long-term success

On major projects or projects that involve long-term maintenance, it is important for us to guarantee our customers the continuity of knowledge and team competencies. To achieve this, we have included a range of provisions in order to make sure that, in case of a team member’s departure, project knowledge will not be lost :

  • The welcome kit: the welcome kit is a document that gathers together all the information that is necessary for immediately becoming operational on the project. It is presented to every newcomer and is accompanied by tests which allow to assess one’s level and capacity to join the project.
  • Project documentation: depending on the range of our actions on your project, we draw up regular documents on the elements that are entrusted to us. As documentation is a part of the project process, we update all documents whenever a modification is made. In case your project is reintegrated within your company, the reversibility phase will be easily carried out based on all the updated project documentation.
  • Training: in order to maintain a high level of competence for all team members and facilitate the progress of the entire team, the Pentalog incubator regularly organizes training sessions. These sessions focus on technologies used on the project in order to train newcomers if necessary, but also on the latest technologies identified by Pentalog’s technical department in order that we may always be up to date and offer you cutting-edge technologies that best suit your project.
  • Overlapping period: in case one of the employees assigned on the project leaves, we deploy every effort in order to minimize the impact on your project. As soon as the employee announces his departure, his successor spends at least 15 days with the person leaving the project as part of an overlapping period designed with the purpose of performing the transfer of competencies.

The technical department : a pool of experts supporting customer projects

The technical department of Pentalog is a multi-purpose service that contributes to customer projects as soon as the commercial proposition is made. The technical department offers experts who perform the following tasks :

  • approving the technical solutions proposed,
  • getting involved in projects in order to contribute their expertise on a subject,
  • carrying out code audits/verifications,
  • offering innovative alternative techniques

A genuine support made available for project managers, the technical department allows to increase the quality and innovation of solutions that we offer our clients.

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