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Back-end software development

Back-end software development

Back-end software development focuses on the server-side of web programming. This refers to everything the user cannot see in the browser, such as databases and servers. Unlike front-end development where our developers pay attention to user experience, our back-end developers concentrate on efficiency, security, structure (architecture) and data-management.

As a Cloud service provider, Pentalog can help you to set up your Back-end as a Service. This is a new way of thinking the back-office of your web or mobile applications in a secure and scalable way.

Our back-end development services include:

  • Back-end for Mobile, Web Apps and IoT / M2M products

  • Open Source ERP: OpenERP

  • Open Source CRM: SugarCRM

  • Business Process Management

  • Document Management: Alfresco

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