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A little revolution in consulting: setting up Pentalog Institute to reduce your experts’ cost of intervention

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer

Several months ago, Cornel Fatulescu, Sophie Lelarge and me decided to set up a new high-level department dedicated to consulting operations in various fields with the aim of challenging the European leaders in discipline, based on many advantages that Pentalog has. These last years, we sometimes had to coexist with consultants from prestigious consultancies, invoicing between €750 and €1500 a day without making any difference compared to our best collaborators. Thus, we decided to reconcile Offshore and Consulting with the purpose of improving clients’ ROI for this type of service.1. Geographical advantages:Our presence in 8 European cities and in one Asian city enables us to incorporate diverse fields of expertise and activities, to have offices in the West, as well as in the East, and resources which are closer to the majority of our European clients. There are cities where we process very large industrial requests for embedded development, others where we are champions of web services and e-commerce and others where we focus on Business Intelligence, banking… All our experts speak both French and English, some speak Russian or German, others speak Asian languages.2. A logic of figures and sizes:– Projects involving up to 100 employees, using V-cycle, traditional methods or agile methodology, in various fields, with outstanding satisfaction and recommendation rates, have made us count on genuine experts in project development, regardless of the scale of the project. At present, all our clients acknowledge our high level of expertise in the field.- 700 excellent employees among which there are undoubtedly outstanding personalities.3. Multifaceted approach:– 200 Java developers, around one hundred PHP developers, 130 specialists in embedded, M2M capacities, 80 dotnet developers, over 30 architects.- A multispecialist positioning: Cloud Computing, e-commerce, banking, telecommunication, energy, healthcare, food, industry…Starting with these 3 key advantages, we have selected some twenty persons in 4 countries, available to assist our clients in 40 countries where we had business operations in 2011. We plan to serve them in two ways:- in a time rating consulting mode (foreseeing €400 to €600 for a remote intervention in one of our sites and €600 to €1100 for an intervention in Western Europe).- in a fixed-price service, advantageous for our clients mobilizing Pentalog’s nearshore and offshore resources, and eager to reach an undeniable level of excellence in their developments (foreseeing an additional charge of €3 to €15 per man day of offshore development).In all cases, the client will PAY LESS, this is MY PLEDGE, for the best level of consulting in Europe, exactly as we have succeeded regarding the software development. All those who will help us advertise our business and win budgets in consulting shall themselves receive a pro rata time credit. Already, in order to increase the existing team, we will create in the following months 2 positions in our headquarters in Orleans.You can find our full offer on: http://www.pentalog.fr/offre/pentalog_institute.htm

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