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Front-End Community: Knowledge Sharing at its best

We build expertise and enhance our skills set together, we jump at any opportunity to grow and we do it as a team! Each Pentalog office has developed a knowledge-sharing community for subjects ranging from Agile to Product Ownership, QA and Front-End development. We have slowly but surely brought together a beautiful group of people to create a common space for knowledge sharing and progress. In a previous post, we talked about the Agile Community in Iasi, this post is dedicated ...
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Investing in Romania’s IT potential

IT services at Pentalog

The value of Hi-Tech outsourcing services on the export market has experienced a significant growth in relation to last year’s performance, with 16% more, which makes it a record number in Romania, according to the data provided by Romania’s Central Bank. The IT market has continued its expansion, solidifying its presence on the Romanian export map and becoming one of the most steady and reliable sources of economic development. In fact, it has exceeded tourism revenue for the fourth consecutive ...
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Empowering student success with Pentastagiu

As a student or fresh college graduate, one’s immediate concern is getting real-world work experience, turning the knowledge they’ve accumulated into practice and gaining the much-needed confidence to pursue the career they’ve been preparing for. And while they’re exposed to many opportunities, there’s a slight reluctance when it comes to actually applying for a position. This may be because students feel either unqualified for a certain job, lacking both the discipline and the professional interactions on a day-to-day basis, or ...
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A sense of community, Agile Community

Agile Community at Pentalog Iasi

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Agile methodology is here to stay. Both well-established companies and startups practise Agile development in one form or another, thus being able to stay flexible, adapt to client needs and deliver top quality products. Pentalog has shifted to large-scale agility many years ago, increasing productivity while reducing time-to-market and minimizing risks. We want to continually learn and evolve, and we want to do it together, as a #PentaTeam! With that in mind, at ...
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Hackathons: The BEST way to Code Your Future

Best Hackathon Chisinau 2017

At an academic level, theory provides a foundation for experimentation and helps students figure out what career path they should pursue. In short, theory lays the groundwork that will allow for a more thorough approach to the field they decide to specialize in after graduation. Apart from the academic approach, when your goal is to excel at something, practical experience goes a long way and it can really make the difference when interviewing for your first IT job. Experience can ...
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