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Look South for your Next IT Outsourcing Partner


When someone mentions outsourcing our minds automatically think of a far away offshore destination like India. However, for the US and Canada, outsourcing can just as well refer to nearshore destinations like South America. Although South American is not so geographically close to US startups, the time zone congruence is what makes it a nearshore location. The obvious advantages of outsourcing to South America is the lower cost of labor and common working hours, all or most of your working ...

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How to Choose Between E-Commerce Platforms


How do you choose the best e-commerce platform to promote your product or service? In order to choose between e-commerce platforms like Magento, OpenCart, Drupal, etc., it is first necessary to identify the characteristics of your project as well as you and your customer’s needs. For example, If your needs are small and you don’t need many features then a solution like WooCommerce can do the job. Though if you have complex requirements and most of your sales are generated through ...

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Webinar: Top 10 Tips for Preparing your Next IT Outsourcing Project


IT outsourcing is a solution that can save time and resources, but only if you are ready for it. If you do not do your homework or make the necessary preparations, IT outsourcing can end up being more of a liability than an asset. When searching for an outsourcing partner, you are searching for just that, a partner, and you need to make your choice carefully. In addition to checking if your partner is qualified and ready to work on your ...

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Are you prepared for IT Outsourcing?


IT outsourcing can be a time saving, cost reducing, and innovation boosting solution for both startups and grownups. However, IT outsourcing is not a magic word that will conjure up success all by itself. It takes planning and preparation to ensure that IT outsourcing is an asset to your project and not a liability. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to make sure you are ready.   Who is my IT Outsourcing Partner? This question is obvious, of course you ...

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The Evolution of E-Commerce


E-Commerce has changed quite a bit over the years. If you imagine the early days of online shopping you will remember that it was fairly basic. Most early e-commerce websites consisted of a catalog of products with basic filtering and search functions, a shopping cart, and a few payment options. A customer would look for the product they wanted, add it to their shopping cart, and then go check out. At the time this was enough to get the job ...

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