In 2006, when we published the first article on Pentalog’s blog about the rise of the Romanian and Moldovan markets as major outsourcing players in Europe, Pentalog was a small business with less than 100 people. Since then, hundreds of blog posts have been added by our experts, depicting the IT industry’s development and trends while the company kept growing and developing its presence on three continents.

Pentalog now has over 1,000 English-speaking dedicated employees located in the U.S, South America, France, Germany, Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Vietnam, serving hundreds of clients worldwide.

On Pentalog’s blog you will find business and technical articles, IT market analyses, interviews, events, webinars and even success stories. With every blog post, we try to offer significant information about a wide range of business and technical areas, strategies, and services.

No topic relevant to IT development and outsourcing will be left behind, as our resourceful blog authors stay in touch with everything that’s new, starting with Pentalog’s CEO & Chairman Frederic Lasnier. Our experts in IS strategy, digital marketing, big data, agile organization and training will offer their perspective to help you seize growth hacking opportunities.

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