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Brexit is gonna be good for nearshore and offshore digital outsourcing / Romania, Poland, France, Spain… Visa please!

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer

Brexit sounds like the new Eldorado for the outsourcers of the seven seas but even more for European nearshore!Just have a look at the tons of coders who have recently joined the hordes of Albion digital operations and try to guess what is going to happen… Visas will soon arise from the past and xenophobic votes will massively miss their target, blowing wind in the sails of Eastern Europe Service centers!This is extremely painful for a confirmed Europeanist like me but sounds delightful to the digital outsourcer that I am too.I know this is cynical but isn’t that natural when politics handles the magic stick of nationalism? How could things end up well when you first opened up the Pandora box?Brexit, good for IT outsourcingAs the first technological supplier of European startups, our French/Romanian/Moldovan employee-owned company will naturally try to adapt to the already phenomenal needs of an economy which is actually looking like a model for continental Entrepreneurs. Particularly for French ones … believe me.Our 850 digital people working for US, French, German, Swedish(…) startups in recruitment, outsourcing, digital consulting and startup funding will be grateful to help UK startups go through this terrible HR challenge. We perfectly know that you guys are European as much as we are!

Download Pentalog price list!

Download Pentalog price list!

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