Is Marketing Automation Right for You?

Nick Haby

Digital Marketing Manager - Revsquare

Are you looking to improve your conversion rates for 2017? Are you ready to optimize your marketing efforts? Pentalog has the marketing automation solutions you’ll need to achieve your business and marketing goals. On Wednesday, April 12, 2017, Pentalog will kickoff (you can subscribe here) its three-part marketing automation webinar series. The series is intended for marketers and technologists like yourself to learn about marketing automation and how to apply it to your business. Marketing automation is not email marketing. It’s a ...
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Meet Pentalog Deutschland at #CeBIT2017- March 20/24

The beginning of spring 2017 is taking us to CeBIT© one of the most eagerly awaited digital transformation and tech innovation events of the year. The fair proudly occupies a top three position among the most renowned conferences on digital trends worldwide, alongside CES (Las Vegas, USA) and Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, Spain). This year’s edition brings to the table all the key topics that have given a new shape to our understanding of the digital world nowadays: d!conomy ...
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Empowering student success with Pentastagiu

As a student or fresh college graduate, one’s immediate concern is getting real-world work experience, turning the knowledge they’ve accumulated into practice and gaining the much-needed confidence to pursue the career they’ve been preparing for. And while they’re exposed to many opportunities, there’s a slight reluctance when it comes to actually applying for a position. This may be because students feel either unqualified for a certain job, lacking both the discipline and the professional interactions on a day-to-day basis, or ...
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A sense of community, Agile Community

Agile Community at Pentalog Iasi

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Agile methodology is here to stay. Both well-established companies and startups practise Agile development in one form or another, thus being able to stay flexible, adapt to client needs and deliver top quality products. Pentalog has shifted to large-scale agility many years ago, increasing productivity while reducing time-to-market and minimizing risks. We want to continually learn and evolve, and we want to do it together, as a #PentaTeam! With that in mind, at ...
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#SWBlockChain: checked!


When? January 27-29 2017 Where? Caisse d’épargne Loire-Centre, in Orléans (France) Organizer? PENTALOG, of course! For quite some time now, Pentalog has been actively supporting events that bring together entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts passionate about the latest technologies. Either they have a technical, design or business background, they are all there to put their ideas to the test. See how one can wisely choose their partners, build a minimum viable product and finally launch their own startup. Sounds great, doesn’t it? People ...
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