New office space for Pentalog Chisinau’s team

Chisinau's Pentalog new office building

We are pleased to announce that, beginning of May 2017, Pentalog Chisinau has recently moved to a new office building downtown, not far away from the previous address that most of you are familiar with. So, don’t forget, you can find us on Stefan cel Mare si Sfant Boulevard, no. 202! You’ll recognize the building, it is modern, well equipped and color branded to match Pentalog’s image. “I confess, finding, preparing and moving to this new office building was one of ...
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Join Pentalog’s First NYC After Work Event


Sales Director (Founding Partner)

If you are in the NYC area and want to learn how to leverage social networking websites to generate quality leads then join our event on May 31st. This is Pentalog’s first after work event in NYC but it won’t be the last. I plan on animating diverse tech talks in the city and providing networking opportunities for startups and grown-ups alike. Our first talk is by Gilbert Mizrahi, CEO of Baloka Inc. Mr. Mizrahi will explain the concept of social giving ...
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Lookalike audiences: learn how to advertise on Facebook

Do you know how to advertise on Facebook the smart way? Is your current audience small or not responding enough to your ads? What are Facebook lookalike audiences? Lookalike audiences is a Facebook Ads feature that enables your online advertising manager to scale Facebook advertising by targeting people who are similar to your most valuable audiences, which means your current and best customers and clients. Creating a lookalike audience allows you to target 20 times more people than a custom audience and will include ...
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Lookalike targeting: how to improve customer acquisition

lookalike targeting - Agilizza event

Living in a digital world means that most of us are connected no matter the distance. The internet has made possible for people to search and learn a great deal of things. As a consumer, it has become much easier to purchase a specific product, to compare prices and features, to review it, to be part of groups that share the same interests etc. In order for advertisers to reach their audience, sophisticated targeting strategies can be used. Next Boston Agilizza ...
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PentaBAR, an IT knowledge sharing event open to the entire IT community


As an eager promoter of IT excellence, Pentalog encourages the practice of IT knowledge sharing and continuous learning. Our resourceful Pentaguys are thirsty for knowledge and are always asking questions while at the same time being eager to share their knowledge with others. For all topics, knowledge sharing is one of the keys of the learning process. Hearing about a topic of interest, approaching it, discussing it with other colleagues and specialists in the field, and finally preaching about it is a ...
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