Agility and Fast Ramp Up: Two Paths to Project Success

agility and fast ramp up

We always talk a lot about Agile Methodologies and Fast Ramp Up, extolling the virtues of these concepts and how they will set your project up for success. Today I will continue to sing the praises of these concepts but instead of just explaining how they will help you with this, that, and the other thing I will provide concrete examples of how each of them were crucial for two of our client’s projects. The Agile Path to Project Success Let’s start ...

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Virtual Reality – the start of the next computing revolution


Surely you’ve played a video game that felt so real that you wanted to pinch yourself. Or maybe you’ve watched the birth of a tornado on a meteor website just for fun. If you’re really lucky, you’ve probably even developed virtual reality applications for PCs, consoles or mobile devices. Specialists say that virtual reality is the next big thing in the tech field and there are many reasons why important companies all over the word invest heavily in web VR ...

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Agile Methodologies: The Perfect Match for Startups

agile methodology

Startups are fast moving and always evolving entities. Their final goals often change and are sometimes vaguely defined and people in startups play multiple roles at the same time to address whatever challenge is being faced at the moment. Without a way to keep organized in such a volatile environment, startups would descend into chaos. Agile methods are perfect for startups and as they can keep up with and facilitate their rapid pace of development. It is a methodology that focuses ...

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Travel Through Time Abord the Pentalog Platform. Growth Hacking and Figures from 2017-2020

Frédéric LASNIER

CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)

pentalog customer acquisition

The Pentalog platform is about growth hacking on an exponential scale. Need a team of 10 Python developers? You can start a team in as little as a 2 weeks’ time and have it ramped up and fully staffed in a maximum of 6. You want to sell your product in the US? RevSquare offers its digital marketing expertise and 300 content journalists as well as its audience, content and automation strategies in Paris or on Broadway. Or maybe you need a ...

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Agile transformation: connecting the dots of a two-year transition to agile best practices

agile transformation outcomes

Finding a way to increase the visibility of projects while ensuring a high level of team motivation and client satisfaction is one of our main objectives. Through the Guépard program, which was launched two years ago, we have managed to re-think our approach to project management and introduce the Agile mindset to our teams. We are now already preparing for our third year of transition and the results of our efforts are illustrated by every successfully delivered software solution proving ...

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