Front-End Community: Knowledge Sharing at its best

We build expertise and enhance our skills set together, we jump at any opportunity to grow and we do it as a team! Each Pentalog office has developed a knowledge-sharing community for subjects ranging from Agile to Product Ownership, QA and Front-End development. We have slowly but surely brought together a beautiful group of people to create a common space for knowledge sharing and progress. In a previous post, we talked about the Agile Community in Iasi, this post is dedicated ...
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Visiting your Outsourced Development Team is a Key to Project Success

When Skype Isn’t Enough Is it worth flying out to visit your outsourced development teams? While there is no formula to calculate how often you should visit an outsourced team, telecommunication has its limits and onsite visits are necessary for successful collaboration. Skype conversations and conference calls can only go so far when trying to integrate an outsourced team into your organization. Source: Shutterstock When to Visit Visiting is the most important when starting a project. It allows you to see how your offshore ...
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Designing an app in 6 easy steps


Design Director and Chief UI/UX Analyst - Revsquare

When it comes to designing a product, whether it is a website, a web app or a native app, creating a clear and well thought out agile process is just as important as setting goals. Of course, no plan can be perfect, but having one will help the team focus and move forward with confidence. With this in mind, let’s discover the design process together. #1 – THE WARM UP Before even thinking about the UX of an app you need to begin with the Discovery phase: Understand ...
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How do you Choose the Best IT Outsourcing Location?

World Map and Crowdsourcing

Get your Priorities in Order Cutting costs should never be your number one priority when selecting an outsourcing partner.  When selecting an outsourcing destination it is important to find the balance between cost, quality, compatibility, and proximity. This balance is never going to be the same for every company or project but here are a few pieces of advice that can help guide your decision. Source: Shutterstock Language and Corporate Culture One important factor in choosing an outsourcing partner is compatibility, not just ...
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How Trump will blow up the demand for offshore services against all odds…

Frédéric LASNIER

CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)


… as the Brexit is already in the process of doing. Source: Shutterstock Talking from our own experience, we have to admit that never before has our company received so many requests for offshore services coming from the UK… than following the Brexit! A paradox? I think not. Trump’s victory should have a similar impact in the US. As I have already said it in a previous article, which brought us a £600K customer just a few days following its posting, the fear ...
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