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A morning in a fruit basket


On Thursday, 13th October, I attended a seminar organized by Orange (the first fruit) on the topic of integrating Apple (second fruit) devices in company activities. I should thank Pierre for his play on words. icon_smileAbout a hundred people showed up the following day of the release of iOS5 in a large conference room at a hotel in Orléans, the seating capacity of which seemed insufficient. One could notice the eagerness of participants, but we weren’t at a keynote.It is not often that Apple addresses business representatives. This French tour organized by Orange couldn’t be missed. The following presentations were included in the program:- iPhone & business enterprise- iPhone application development through the presentation of an Orange subsidiary- information technology package: Orange’s VDI solution- BI solution for iPhone/iPadiOS & business enterpriseThe Apple speaker made a presentation of iOS focused on features dedicated to businesses. We should get acquainted with these features, as they relate to important functionalities (deployment of over-the-air applications, profiles, VPN, etc.). There has been a quick presentation of the Sybase park solution (Afaria), which should become an important function when the number of 50 terminals is exceeded. There were predictions of a forthcoming arrival of an iPhone Nano in some circles. Apple has just released an “iPhone 4 8Go”, the price of which is that of any smartphone without the fruit. Obviously, this new terminal makes the iPhone available to a wider range of business users. The migration trend towards mobility is becoming more and more obvious following a recent Gartner survey among company executives, in which 70% of respondents stated that, in 3 years from now, the deployed devices will have a mobile component, and 50% of respondents stated that, in 5 years from now, they will be content producers for their customers besides manufacturing their products.iOS application developmentAn Orange subsidiary representative explained how they produced iOS applications quickly and easily. The production industrialization of iOS applications is still at an early stage. I agree with the speaker concerning the fact that the “user experience” required for this type of system should be taken into account for iOS applications.Information technology packagesThis Orange product the existence of which I discovered during this conference is a standard VDI solution at a price starting from 99 euro per user per month. For my part, for this a rather high starting price for office automation, I was surprised that one should call their commercial contact to add new workstations. It is anachronistic for a cloud computing solution.MicroStrategy’s BI solutionMicroStrategy’s mobile devices introduced in the presentation were the cherry of the fruit basket. In fact, you can see the functionalities of their application in the above video.Common usage of reports is changing. Excel files will soon become antiquated. I advise the lucky iPad owners to try the freeware which includes many report examples. It’s huge!Business enterprise IT use is going through a migration stage, the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) concept is expanding, the end of the PC era is on the horizon, business activities extend beyond company walls (even for non-operating employees), coupled with digital natives who have different requirements from digital immigrants (who entered this world). Business mobility challenges are part of these issues in their own right, contributing to building information systems for the company of the future, as we’ll win the game with outsourcing (cloud) and security solutions thanks to permanent effort, mastery and innovation only.As for our new services provided by Cloud@VirtualFanatic, mobility is a standard requirement for all the services we integrate on the platform.However, this conference was of limited interest, but the simple fact that it took place was beneficial. For participants whose IT proficiency is not as high as mine, it could shed light on interesting matters.

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