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Vietnam December 2011


I have just spent 3 very instructive weeks in Vietnam touching our cloud projects. I had the chance to assess the project development process right from within the project. My expectations were confirmed, it is indeed a good team: motivated, involved and dedicated to the Virtual Fanatic cause. The time is still running short for the January release of Cloud@VirtualFanatic.Next, I held Cloud seminars at the Institut de la Francophonie pour l’Informatique (Francophonie Institute for Computer Science) and at the PFIEV(Programme de Formation d’Ingénieurs d’Excellence au Vietnam – a Vietnamese training programme for excellence in engineering). I had already participated in trainings at these universities and it is always a real pleasure to have direct contact with the students. I focused my training on presenting cloud related concepts, the vision of Virtual Fanatic and I finished with the likely consequences of cloud on the developers’ business. The presentation on cloud is available here (in French only).I can say that they are eager to hear about cloud. I have been bombarded with questions on the SaaS model, the consequences on facilities management, the free cloud models,…Aymeric-Libeau-300x225untitledAs Pentalog (IT outsourcing company) has started a business activity in South-East Asia, I took this chance to meet the main local players in the IT industry. I can say I identified a desire to create new types of services for Vietnamese companies for which technical and commercial models as well as the services are not ready yet. But they know how to progress fast.For my friends, I managed to taste an ant egg salad, sauteed worms as big as my thumb and even fried bugs (photos are available ). All in all, I spent quality time with two French (or nearly French) people.

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