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Start-up incentives for innovating companies


On March 21st I took part in États Généraux du Cloud organised by EuroCloud France association. It was a truly dynamic day with rich exchanges during the workshops, quality participants and companies that really deserved their prizes.During this event, Ms Laure de la Raudière, MP (UMP) has made an interesting intervention talking about her vision of the digital economy where cloud has definitely a significant place.The participants have largely admitted that the innovation and research & development start-up incentives are, in France, well implemented and truly valuable. In addition, emphasis was put on the improvement of OSEO practices.We received from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research the renewal of our R&D tax credit accreditation for 2012-2014. This enables our customers to integrate part of our R&D services carried out in Europe in their tax credits on certain conditions.Two young entrepreneurs have freely spoken out in order to explain that the procedure for obtaining the start-up subsidy was endless and was not compatible with an acceptable time-to-market (almost one year) during which the project does not really make progresses as there are no available resources.The reply of MP Laure de la Raudière was that the state is not meant to invest directly in start-up projects and that, on the other hand, the investment mechanism for SMEs based on solidarity tax on wealth was in this core target. In the same time, a business-angel investor (surely highly demanding) said that while the funding did exist, there was a lack of projects.All these specialists have unanimously admitted that we are at the beginning of a significant revolution with the advent of cloud computing. The professional, as well as the personal work procedures are and will be changing. A suction effect has been triggered and it is indispensable that the innovation be encouraged by everybody in order to be deployed worldwide right from the start of the project.From the part of the prize winners, the president of EuroCloud France & Europe and the participants, I sensed a large desire to analyse and to change things. Is it that a new digital society is under way ? Will our policians foster or limit these changes?

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