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The new SMAC!


It’s such a wonderful era that we live in and things go so fast! From public and personal information to information use and digital consumption anywhere and anytime, the conclusion is more than obvious: the unity of time, place and action does no longer correspond to professional or even personal practices. An acronym starts to impose itself under the umbrella of the 4 basic features of these (modern) services – SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud).

At a closer look, each of these terms encompasses several hidden meanings:

  • Social: the service is collaborative, communicative, shared, open
  • Mobile: the service may be used anywhere and from any type of terminal or convergent device
  • Analytics: the service stores detailed information to obtain added value in real-time (or afterwards)
  • Cloud: the service is flexible, scalable, secured, paid-per-use, and self-managed

In a constant search for service renewal, this combination paves the way for dynamic evolution. Of course, we shouldn’t take SMAC as it is but adapt it to our context since it is there where its value lies.

Supposing a traditional trader wants to pivot toward e-Commerce, we’ll have as follows:

  • Social: the e-shop should facilitate communication among clients and information sharing on social media. The search for customer satisfaction excellence should be obvious.
  • Mobile: the place, time, and terminal used should have no impact on service consumption.
  • Analytics: the detailed data collected should serve to a better understanding of the clients/visitors’ practices.
  • Cloud: security and performances should be adapted to context.

From a more business-oriented perspective, we have seen several generations passing by in the last 6 decades: mainframe, micro-information technology, client/server information technology, Internet information technology, where business expertise lied beyond the scope of solutions. However, it is true that this new architecture offers brand new perspectives:

  • Social [Marketing, Pre-sales, Production teams]: An immediate and more direct feedback on the product and service trends and their perception from the employees, clients, prospects, specialists, etc.
  • Mobile [Technical team]: A service use by more third parties from anywhere and at any time.
  • Analytics [Marketing, Technical team]: The capacity to adapt the proposed services to the client/prospect/visitor’s needs.
  • Cloud [Technical team]: The use of high-level, robust, and flexible solutions.

SMAC offers a context to those in search of a pivot toward digital technology. But this is only a battle plan where all stakeholders should work together for a greater good: the IS, Marketing, Production, After-Sales, and Administrative Departments, since it’s their joint action that will lead to success. #digiwar

SMAC is, after all, a new framework, a new IT model we may believe in since it’s already here and adapted to various activities and companies.

If you’re thinking about turning toward digital technology and accelerating your digital activities, contact me!

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