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Why is Pentalog Offering a Free Trial of its IT Development Services?

Nancy Wang
Nancy Wang
Chief Customer Success Officer Pentalog Americas

As businesses shift to recovery, we believe the best way we can help is to let new customers experience our IT outsourcing services for free.

The COVID-19 crisis has shown us that digital resilience is essential for business resilience, whether companies are adapting for survival or investing for the future.

We want to help businesses boldly master this inflection point by building that new feature or launching that new MVP. The free trial offer is our bold way of “putting our money where our mouth is,” as the saying goes.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen several clients move to expand teams and accelerate backlog delivery, upshifting velocity to meet projected demand. For others, Pentalog is a way to extend development budgets suddenly slashed to the bone.

Companies face diverse stresses, but the topic we keep hearing is revenue recovery. As plans come into view, resources need to be reallocated so leaders can double down on those initiatives with the greatest potential for short-term growth.

We want to help those investments go just a little farther, whether the project’s goal is cash generation or market validation.

Now is the Moment for Action

Businesses need to continue the phase of intensive adaptation launched by the virus. Disruption is a risk but it can also mean opportunity. It is imperative that software, websites, apps, etc. are readied today to meet the new normal.

The recovery will very likely be the most challenging business environment anyone has ever seen. Ensuing continuity triggered an initial focus on managing costs, but now is the moment to prepare for the rebound. We want to make it easier to get started.

go boldly free trail offer by Pentalog

To master the COVID-19 recovery, businesses need to go boldly.

For companies seeking to get more from their existing tech, or for those prepared to innovate in the new, the moment demands creativity, speed and above all else agility.

At Pentalog, agility is bred in the bone, a core attribute of our operational model and engineering methodology. We bring deep capabilities working with clients of all sizes and in all industries to establish high-performing, self-organizing delivery teams.

Being agile also implies being able to act now. We believe the advantage will go to the early actors and Pentalog wants to remove barriers so companies can benefit right now from our world-class agile engineering platform.

A Free Trial Built for the Bold

Pentalog is particularly interested in talking to companies eager to seize the moment with transformational ideas, “crazy” ideas that may have seemed too difficult or too risky before but which now seem critical for success.

We’ve already seen how an intrepid mindset can lead to “quick wins” for clients in the e-commerce, publishing and e-learning sectors, among others, and we expect to see more.

The storm is not over yet, but as companies prepare for recovery, Pentalog is committed to playing its part. Our free trial offer gives you access to as many as 5 team members – software engineers, scrum masters and QA testers – covering hard-to-fill IT specialties such as .NET, Python, Java, PHP, Angular, React, Android, etc.

Try us for one month and only pay if you decide to continue. We’re confident we’ll deliver and we boldly wager you’ll want us to continue doing so.


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