+7.5% organic growth in Q1 2013

Frédéric LASNIER

CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)


After a second semester of 2012 characterized by a gradual performance slowdown in terms of both growth and profitability, Pentalog had a rapid recovery at the end of the year by reducing bench time rates by half (slowing down the recruitment, process and optimizing the staff). This rate is currently lower than 3%. Additionally, we have reduced the allocated budget to social and event marketing. The management’s focus shifted toward new business opportunities.

This policy delivered great results considering that since the beginning of Q4 2012, two German customers, an American customer, a local Romanian customer and seven French customers have chosen Pentalog. Certain customers have joined our Cloud Software Factory (Cloud dedicated to software development), among whom a world leader in the energy sector; the Cloud Communication Platform as also registered its first customers. This policy enables us now to improve the commercial operation of our infrastructures. Several existing clients have also opted for this new Pentalog offer.

The existing project-based platforms have continued to develop as a new French-American customer exceeded the threshold of 60 employees involved on a full-time basis. One of the French leaders on the service market has over 30 Pentalog employees involved, while a third company operating in the energy management sector has over 35 engineers. One of our e-commerce customers has close to 25 developers, whereas another champion in the energy sector should soon avail of a Pentalog R&D center of about 15 to 20 people.

These commercial successes enabled Pentalog to achieve a growth of about 7.5% in Q1 2013 (while in Q1 2012 we registered the highest growth in our corporate history). Nonetheless, Pentalog Ausy (the JV Pentalog has in common with the Ausy Group), which operates mainly in the field of embedded technologies, has registered significantly low commercial performances.
We have engaged in new recruitment operations and the process has been strongly accelerated since the beginning of February. There are currently 50 job openings.
Profitability has reached once again the average performance level of the past years.

Against this background, the group commends the performance of its managers for taking the necessary actions. At the same time, our focus is strongly maintained on the sales and margins in an economic context of stagnant or even negative growth in the OECD member countries.

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