IT offshore press review week 04/2012



2012 is set to be a year in which new opportunities start to rise for IT professionals. Let’s see what other subjects we have in the IT offshore press review this week. Enjoy!

How to cope with HTML5’s dueling standards bodies (January 17, 2012, Computer World)
Need an agile infrastructure? Do your homework (January 16, 2012, Computer World)
Tips for Facebook Timeline apps: Beware what you share (January 21, 2012, IT World)
Wall Street Beat: Enterprise spending helps mixed quarter for tech (January 20, 2012, IT World)
Four key trends in business analytics in 2012 (January 17, 2012, Computer Weekly)
Innovation’s dirty little secret (January 17, 2012, Computer Weekly)
The cloud is forked (January 22, 2012, ZDNet)
5 signs SOA has morphed into cloud (January 19, 2012, ZDNet)
The Mobile Enterprise: Killing IT’s Sacred Cows (January 19, 2012, CIO)
4 Consumer Technologies That Could Change Your Enterprise (January 19, 2012, CIO)
2012: Year of Fast Changes for IT Professionals (January 17, 2012, CIO)
Cloud Activity to Explode in 2012 (January 18, 2012, CIO)
Cloud Computing bleibt auch 2012 eine Baustelle (January 23, 2012, CIO)
BI, mobile Computing und die Cloud beschäftigen CIOs weltweit (January 19, 2012, IT Magazine)
IKT-Branche erholt sich (January 19, 2012, Silicon)
Cloud und mobile IT sind die Top-Themen (January 18, 2012, Automotive IT)
Konzerne wollen IT-Dienstleistung aus einer Hand (January 17, 2012, CIO)
West-Ost-Gefälle: Wechselkursprognose 2012 (January 19, 2012, Industrie Magazin)


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