IT offshore press review week 08/2012



Do you know the 4 not so easy steps to make in order to save the IT industry? The first article of today’s IT offshore press review contains a short presentation of these steps. Do you agree?

How to Save the IT Industry in 4 (Not So Easy) Steps (February 12, 2012, CIO)
Twitter finally completes redesign rollout for all users (February 17, 2012, Computer world)
Six crucial tech companies you’ve never heard of (February 20, 2012, IT World)
CIO priorities 2012: Ali Jaffri, ICT manager, Gallions Housing (February 20, 2012, Computer weekly)
Technology ‘geeks’ the most productive employees, says research (February 17, 2012, Computer weekly)
Singapore CIOs point to value, not cost, to assess IT investment (February 17, 2012, ZDNet Asia)
No easy recovery for Japanese electronics firms (February 17, 2012, ZDNet Asia)
Do firms have right to compel employees to be social? (February 17, 2012, ZDNet Asia)
The Best Cities for Finding IT Jobs in 2012 (February 16, 2012, CIO)
How to Break Down the OpEx vs. CapEx Cloud Computing Debate (February 17, 2012, CIO)
IT in Kleinbetrieben: Langlebig und effizient (February 16, 2012, Silicon)
Cloud und mobile Computing schon fast Routine bei Schweizer Grossunternehmen (February 16, 2012, Inside IT)
Bei Offshoring Angst um den Datenschutz (February 14, 2012, CIO)
Das Farbenspektrum der Grünen IT und Nachhaltigkeit (February 13, 2012, Silicon)


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