IT offshore press review week 09/2012



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How mobile, BYOD and younger workers are reinventing IT (February 24, 2012, Computer world)
Heads of finance hate big-bang IT projects (February 24, 2012, Computer weekly)
China’s software, IT services industry hits US$292B (February 27, 2012, ZDNet Asia)
Developers say Android has room for improvement (February 27, 2012, ZDNet Asia)
Where to Outsource to: Eastern Europe or Asia? (February 27, 2012, ITO News)
Berechtigungen und Identitäten in der Cloud (February 27, 2012, Computer woche)
Forrester-Ranking: IT-Dienstleister steuern (February 24, 2012, CIO)
Analysten erwarten höhere ITK-Budgets (February 23, 2012, Automotive IT)
Deutschland ist ein guter Cloud-Standort (February 22, 2012, Automotive IT)


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