IT offshore press review week 21/2011



Here’s the selection we prepared for today.

Adopt ‘right balance’ for green clouds (May 23, 2011, ZDNet Asia)
Calculating Virtualization and Cloud Costs: 4 Approaches (May 19, 2011, CIO)
The Impact of ‘Enterprise Technology’ (May 20, 2011, CIO)
Why Brazil’s most innovative institution comes from Recife (May 22, 2011, The Next Web)
Cloud Industry Forum backs EC cloud computing consultation (May 23, 2011, Computer Weekly)
No Strategy, No Worthwhile Innovation (May 23, 2011, Business Strategy)
Die schmutzigen Geheimnisse der Virtualisierung (May 23, 2011, CIO)
Die besten Systemhäuser (May 20, 2011, Computerwoche)
Begräbt Cloud Computing die Storage-Industrie? (May 18, 2011, Silicon)
Deutschland ist sicherste Surf-Region im Web (May 18, 2011, Silicon)
Zürich als trendige Lok – auch im IT-Bereich (May 16, 2011, Inside IT)

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