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Growing within Pentalog: Manuel Damian (32 years old), Director of Pentalog Brasov, joins the Executive Committee and becomes Chief Production Officer

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer

I am very happy to make this announcement today. Manuel will go up one level in the organizational chart and join the executive committee. He will be placed under the supervision of Monica Jiman, Chief Operations Officer, and next to Sophie Lelarge (Chief Sales Officer), and will take over the coordination of all production units (5 in Romania, 1 in Moldova and 1 in Vietnam) and will be in charge of production. More specifically, his tasks will include production management control, recruitment and the management of production human resources. He will be the direct supervisor of the Delivery Center Managers (the former Office Directors) and will coordinate the harmonious development of resources according to the strategic plan.Manuel joined Pentalog at the end of his studies in 2002, as an assistant for Eric Gouin, who was then the Director of the Romanian branch and the manager of the Brasov office. Manuel, not Manu, became Office Director in 2005 and afterwards an important associate, and he has always offered his help, often through unconventional means, in order to help the company grow. He was the first to travel to Iasi to support the then inexperienced Office Director in accelerating operations. He did the same in Sibiu… and he currently spends more time in Cluj than in Brasov. My friend and our friend Manu, it is all these efforts that we would like to reward today through this nomination, because Pentalog recognizes the importance of friendship and team spirit within a large company project.Good luck, Manuman, half Man and half Manu!

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