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Offshore and nearshore IT services company: Online estimate generator no longer available on the Pentalog site

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer

It was indeed one of the key functions of the Pentalog Group‘s website galaxy and one of our main differentiating aspects in the context of the transparency policy introduced in 2008 with our first free download services catalog. Nothing is ever perfect, but we have thus unified our pricing practices, and pricing on a case-by-case basis, as all consultancy and outsourcing businesses usually do, has never been practiced by Pentalog.We are equally aware of the fact that, thanks to this practice, we have brought our contribution to structuring offshore prices in Europe, North Africa and the Far East. Many of our competitors used this system to check their prices and adapt them according to the scale of our IT outsourcing company. In this respect, we have played a special commercial role, even ethical. Downloading the catalog and using the estimate generator have amounted to 1,500 visits per month only for these functionalities!But, our work has been accomplished by now, the offer is mature, and we now wish to provide such transparency to our “real” customers, partners and prospects only. In fact, our sites have been continuously copied in particular, but not only icon_wink by British, Romanian and Tunisian companies for some time. They have systematically copied our services: offer design, recruitment, commercialization and pricing processes, etc.Therefore, we have created a very user-friendly Web2.0 space which will enable us to control the distribution of our higher value contents and to deliver our quotations, to manage project and client-teams, contracts, etc. Based on electronic document management, it will also be equipped with conversational features close to those existing on professional social networks.Thus, in the coming days, our good old price catalog will be available again in PDF format and it may be downloaded by real customers, partners and prospects, with real identities special-list via our services portal. There are also contract models, ISO-compliant quality assurance plans , our future white papers, as well as the updates of all our project documents.So, please pay attention, this space has already been open for all the aspects related to project management for existing customers and a few prospects. But, starting with next week, we are going to launch our updated price catalog which contains no fewer than 25 new services and competence types. In the following weeks, there will be summaries of Project Quality Plans, the services catalog and the training sessions provided by Pentalog Institute, the offshore white paper, then those related to e-commerce and embedded systems, etc. All these launches will be announced beforehand on our blogs, social networks and newsletters, and they will be available to all those who do not simply call themselves website looters. icon_smile

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