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Ramp up your custom software development team in just 2 weeks’ time

Catalina Murariu
Catalina Murariu
Product Owner

Software development and business development are now one and the same thing. Market signs indicate that the most interesting software development trends IT companies should keep an eye on are mobile apps, agile practices, security, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things. That being said, tech-enabled solutions are essential for the survival of businesses, no matter their location on the globe or time differences. Yet, the decision regarding the choice of their software development provider is never an easy one.

A fast software development process can help you apply smart targeting. In other words, companies have to learn how to reach the right audience in the right place at the right time. Pentalog Software Factory can help you Launch your project in 2 weeks tops, with a team ramp up in less than 2 weeks!

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A mobile development team can start working now on your mobile project

85% of people prefer native mobile apps to mobile websites. But although many companies have understood this and massively invest in mobile development, they don’t have to get too comfortable as user needs change very fast and it’s becoming more and more challenging to provide them with outstanding mobile experiences. You know what the Apple App Store thinks: “There’s an app for that!”. So customer experience should become the business users’ no. 1 priority.


Ask Pentalog to create the software development team you need to launch your product as soon as possible.

We have a team ready to work on your mobile development project in Iasi, Romania. Depending on your needs, we can resize the team size at any time by either expanding or decreasing it:

    • Scrum Master

Dan Cristian I. is both a resourceful Scrum Master and the Practices Manager of the Pentalog Iasi delivery center. His expertise covers areas such as agile project management, technical consulting on Java technologies, quality assurance, risk management and project auditing. See Dan’s CV.

    • Android developers

Victor C. is a senior Android developer that has improved application performance and has implemented web services into the application to establish communication with back-end servers and custom notifications for better user experience and design. See Victor’s CV.Marian G. is a senior Android developer that has intervened as a technical lead on different projects developed for our mobile clients. His strengths are accurate estimates, technical evaluations, code review and much more. See Marian’s CV.Ionut-Daniel S. is a senior Android developer / team leader that has kept a good communication with our last client for clarifying specifications and helping the team deliver the application features accordingly and within the deadlines. See Ionut’s CV.Petru-Gabriel S. is an intermediate Android developer with experience in working with clean code and design patterns concepts and principles. His latest contribution consisted in the massive refactoring of the existing codebase through the implementation of the new MVP architecture and Bluetooth services. See Petru’s CV.Bogdan-Mihai H. is a junior Android developer familiar with the maintenance of legacy code or newly released apps while improving their performance and updating features. See Bogdan’s CV.Oana B. is a junior Android developer that has lately worked for a company specialized in stroke rehabilitation solutions. See Oana’s CV.

    • iOS developers

Andreea-Madalina B. is an intermediate iOS developer that has participated in the development of the client’s iOS application since its beginning and took care of the bug fixing process in order to make sure that the developed features matched the required parameters and specifications. See Andreea’s CV.Isabela-Claudia G. is a junior iOS developer that has worked as part of a software development team using a free movie API. She has good knowledge of the Objective-C concepts and AFNetworking framework. See Isabela’s CV.

    • Tester

Adina L. is a junior tester that analyzes specifications, updates test specifications and runs tests on both Android and iOS platforms. See Adina’s CV.

    • UI/UX designer

Alexandru P is a senior UI/UX designer that has proved to be very creative when rethinking the app layout in a way that serves both user needs and business goals, together with the PO. His out of the box vision is reflected by the way he managed to create different marketing materials for the clients using the developed platform. See Alexandru’s CV.See how you can design an app in 6 easy steps.

For detailed information on our available CVs, contact us.

React Native, BI, PHP, QA, Product Owner… you name it!

If you are interested in technologies other than the ones mentioned above, we also have other specialists in Romania and The Republic of Moldova ready to assist you with your software development projects:

Maxim G. – Intermediate React Native developer. See Maxim’s CV.Irina L.QA tester. See Irina’s CV.Dmitri S. – Senior .NET developer. See Dmitri’s CV.Maxim G. – Senior C/C++ developer. See Maxim’s CV.Ioan-Adrian P. – Senior PHP developer. See Ioan’s CV.Bogdan P. – Intermediate Ruby on Rails developer. See Bogdan’s CV.George N. – Senior Java/J2EE developer. See George’s CV.Victor S. – Senior PHP developer. See Victor’s CV.Emanuel-Vasile B. – Advanced PHP/Symfony developer. See Emanuel’s CV.Adina-Elena L. – Junior C/C++ developer. See Adina’s CV.Andreea-Nicoleta D. – Advanced Scrum Master. See Andreea’s CV.Andrei Alexandru T. – Senior QA tester. See Andrei’s CV.Ciprian M. – Senior Scrum Master. See Ciprian’s CV.Ana-Maria C. – Advanced iOS/Android developer. See Ana-Maria’s CV.Mihaela C. – Senior Scrum Master. See Mihaela’s CV.Cristian Lucian S. – Junior Java developer. See Cristian’s CV .Gabriela O. – Senior Product Owner. See Gabriela’s CV.Andrei-Marian I. – Intermediate PHP developer. See Andrei’s CV.Alexandru Robert K. – Senior JavaScript/PHP/CSS developer. See Alexandru’s CV.Laura L. – Junior Scrum Master. See Laura’s CV.Alexandru D. – Intermediate QA tester. See Alexandru’s CV.Gaston G. – Intermediate BI developer. See Gaston’s CV.Dragos A. – Intermediate QA tester. See Dragos’ CV.Mihaela S. – Senior BI developer. See Mihaela’s CV.Alexandru R. – Advanced PHP developer. See Alexandru’s CV.Learn more about how we can ramp up your software development team in just 2 weeks!Also read about Pentalog’s business model.

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