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The first feedback on our new catalog and on the “Private Sales” policy

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer

When our catalog was freely downloadable, we observed, outside the direct marketing campaigns, an amount of downloads per month that reached as many as 700. During campaigns, we even exceeded this figure sometimes during one day.Our last campaign, which has just started, offers to download our new catalog from a space of the type “Private sales” on which the user has to create an account. The trend after the first delivery to 1,000 recipients shows us that the number of download requests on this campaign (total number of our contacts) should reach 200. When we know that an average Pentalog client brings more than €300,000 sales figure per year, we consider that it is worth the effort.In the following months, we will propose them to discover in preview, in order to reduce the sourcing time, the CVs of Pentalog’s best new employees and even to preselect the best candidates. We will propose them to download contracts, templates of project-quality plans… (See also the interface presentation video – in French only).If you decide to download our catalog (in French only), you will receive it within 3 working hours. I also invite you to discover the presentation video of Sophie Lelarge (in French only).

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