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Tomorrow: a Pentalog Lab?

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer

It is clear where Pentalog has made the difference in comparison to the competition, it is by proposing, in addition to its software maintenance services (which everyone proposes), specialized offshore R & D. Our clients have entrusted us with at least 50% of their software development, in addition to their maintenance.This has led frequently to several other business models and lots of creativity… Today, after having helped in the start-up of PeopleCentric, and including participating in the development of many other new products / concepts / solutions, we have noted that we have been missing something essential, a true innovation unit, which would help to improve and professionalize our services like what we have brought to PeopleCentric. Raluca has indeed benefited from the operational support of Eric and Monica, who also participated in the definition of the initial strategy. Similarly, I was able to help her find her a very talented person to become her French associate director.In contrast, Pentalog has not yet been able to play the role of technological innovator that it could have expected to become. It has only been associated in the “realization”.For this reason we are preparing to launch an incubator program that would create an innovation team that could actually be called Pentalog Labs (but we’re still open for a choice of names).Concerning our incubator strategy: Yes, we are preparing to unveil a program included in the 30-2013 plan, which will include the acquisition of equity for Pentalog in start-up enterprises. Along with the first dossier of People Centric, we will address the needs of the software world and information technology. They will be in the world of social networking, recruitment, skill assessment and management, but also production management and software productivity.I would like to appeal to all my Pentalog counterparts for ideas. We will qualify their ideas, evaluate them, and we will provide the means for development, management and marketing. In the future, we will help them find the appropriate financing for the development of their ideas and their businesses.Similarly, we will call on people outside of the group, interested by an investment in their business through providing engineering capital. We envision three possible poles to host the Pentalog incubator: France (Orleans), Romania (Brasov and or Iasi) and Vietnam (Hanoi).About Pentalog Labs: it will have at the starting point a group consisting of a financial advisor, a professional marketing, the Pentalog Chief Data Base Officer and Chief Software Architect Officer, the Network Guru Officer and one or two talented analysts. The headquarters will probably be in Romania, in Brasov or Iasi. I like the idea of Brasov, except for what continues to bother me is the damn problem of accessibility. But I love the environment and I hope this team can regularly enjoy the lovely countryside. Being chased by a bear regularly keeps you close to the realities of life 😉 Brasov is the logical place to create a Romanian Silicon Valley. It’s a shame there is still no airport to easily get to this magnificent city! This team will be there to offer the support to any truly innovative idea, whether from customers or from the group. It is under the direct responsibility of Aymeric, but it is possible that I will take an active role also in it.

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