Nearshore Magento and Prestashop e-commerce development: Romania rocks!

Frédéric LASNIER

CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)

Prompted by Pentalog, Romania discreetly continues to set the basis of its e-commerce expertise. We have probably initiated some of the first nearshore projects generating several million in annual sales.
It must be acknowledged that the bar has been constantly raised for Prestashop and Magento. Ever since we have started to use Magento as choice platform for our offers, we have recruited several specialists who enable us, after training, to state that we have about fifteen experts. We have identified several hundred on the market. At present, we are going to try to enter the Drupal Commerce market after a very promising meeting with Commerce Guys, a French-American software publisher.

By adding the Php resources from major cities, the country holds a leading position in one of the only double-digit growth sectors in the world. For the record, only the Pentalog teams produce or contribute to e-commerce sites and providers of web services currently amount to close to 2 billion euros in online turnover in France, Germany and now in the US.

Pentalog employs about 130 engineers in e-commerce and public web services in France, Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Vietnam.

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