Growth Hacker Elected President of France!

Frédéric LASNIER

CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)

This has sounded like a blast! The 39 year old Emmanuel Macron has become the President and Chief Growth Hacking Officer of France last Sunday! France is now more ready than ever to welcome startups from all over the world.

Emmanuel Macron is definitely an entrepreneur. His political organization « En Marche ! » (Same initials as his name) is a typical lean startup project using a huge video campaign and social networks to get “crowdfunded” by people that political observers considered dead in regards to voting! He took an €8M loan from the bank to finance his journey to Le Palais de l’Elysée… disrupting all codes and compromising the typical conventions of politics.

With Emmanuel, all we knew about political science is dead. Look how he took out all of his opponents one by one. Books, schools, agencies, politicians… all of that XXth century stuff is dead because Macron simply understood how much people were pissed off with that stuff.

What you don’t know about Emmanuel Macron that should make you jump in the next plane to Paris is that he is the man who inspired all the recent framework changes that is now making France the number one startup creator and now number 1 startup investor in Europe. Framework changes include:

– The creation of the BPI, a public bank that helps startups avoid fast dilution. Billions of euros have been invested through loan and equity, making France the paradise of early stage funding
– The creation of a tax pay back system
– Reinforcement of the French Sovereign Fund, making it the number 1 fund of this type in the world which is helping companies become unicorns
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All of these new systems are supported by the already existing financing tools like France’s tax credit systems for R&D, which is known as the most powerful incitative framework in the world. Now that he is the head of the country, imagine what he is going to deliver next to help leverage startup growth even further.

As my group is in Europe (Germany and France) and in the US (New York City and Boston) we can easily provide you with more information and valuate your interest to set up your next project in France. Read more about Pentalog and Pentalabbs.

To end this post before it becomes too chauvinist, I would like to show you a video of our new growth hacking officer himself. As 17M people already did, you’re certainly gonna appreciate this Growth Hacking demonstration: