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Outsourcing IT to Poland: 10 Facts to Consider

Karol Pieniak
Karol Pieniak
Senior Project Manager & Pentalog Partner

If we tell you that we believe that Poland should appear on the list of countries to consider for IT outsourcing and that Polish developers just might be among the best in the world, you might think that’s just our opinion.

When you’re responsible for IT outsourcing budgets, you have a lot of decisions to make and factors to consider. And we think we can make a convincing case for Poland as a – maybe the – leading IT outsourcing location in 2021.

In this article, we’ve gathered facts and stats about Poland’s economy, business environment, achievements, and its awesome people so you can judge for yourself if this emerging country fits your IT outsourcing needs. In any event, you’ll probably discover some things you didn’t know about the Poles and it might just be enough to stir your curiosity for further exploration.


Polish Developers

  1. Skilled
  2. Polish IT professionals get the highest ranks in international coding competitions and IT scoring in terms of accuracy and speed (HackerRank, SkillValue, Top Coder, etc.).

    They earn recognition for being passionate about coding and providing the best quality possible. Determined to bring innovative solutions to the table quickly even in the toughest situations, they meet the deadlines and always find a way to solve the problems.

    For them, staying up-to-date with the recent technological trends is paramount to constantly improve their skills and work. That’s why they never cease to explore what’s new in terms of technologies, tools, libraries, and frameworks. And ultimately, this has a positive impact on their efficiency and speed.

  3. Ethical
  4. Polish developers have a strong sense of ownership and responsibility. They examine any problem from different perspectives and usually propose creative solutions instead of traditional ones, exceeding clients’ expectations.

    Many business owners appreciate their honesty in making accurate estimations and delivering the best solutions fast, cutting costs and saving valuable time.

    Finally, Polish developers are hardworking and persevering. They just don’t give up and are very competitive. Their tenacity is reflected in HackerRank’s “Countries that never give up”.

    Poland IT Outsourcing - Pentalog

  5. Tech-versatile
  6. With their knowledge in cutting-edge technologies and experience in working directly for global brands, Polish software development shines in almost all industries and markets worldwide, whether Cloud Computing Services, IoT, Cybersecurity, or IT Infrastructure.

    Poles are great at creating algorithms, JavaScript, frontend programming (React or Angular), and backend programming (PHP, Java, .NET).

    They are also renowned for having exceptional project management and organizational skills.

  7. Outstanding remote work culture
  8. Polish developers are comfortable working in distributed teams and are experts in remote development.

    Their high productivity and industry best practices are appreciated by collaborators from the US, the UK, Germany, Norway, and Sweden, with whom they share the same values and western mindset.

    With more than exceptional tech skills, Polish developers also bring greater flexibility and agility to the table.

    Did you know?

    Poles are famous not only for high-quality software development services but also for vodka. It’s so good that they manage to export about half of their annual production – oddly enough, much of it to France!

    “Na zdrowie” (pronounced ‘naz-dro-v-yeh’) means “Health!”, so use this formula when you propose a toast.

    Fun Fact!

    While we’re on the subject of vodka … In 1967, the Rolling Stones played their first concert in Poland, and as payment for the show, the musicians reportedly demanded two wagons of Polish vodka.


    Poland’s Path

  9. Gaming
  10. According to the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Poland has more than 400 gaming companies and 480 game premieres every year.

    CD Projekt’s The Witcher series, based on fantasy novels by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, is one of the best-selling video game franchises in history, with over 40 million copies sold worldwide.

    The thriving gaming industry in Poland is based on people’s creativity, heritage, and individualism, inspired by the real-life conflict between environmental, business, and political interests.

  11. Education
  12. In general, Poles have seriously high-quality education. It starts in elementary school, where the subjects include not only mathematics, sciences, and technology, but the basics of programming. This continues through post-secondary education at over 500 universities, with two of them (Jagiellonian University in Krakow and the University of Warsaw) in the top 10 universities from emerging Europe and Central Asia. This excellent reputation acts as a magnet for the many international students who come to Poland to attend these universities.

    Harvard’s Business Review ranked Poland in 5th place among the most tech-skilled labor markets in the world, with young and ambitious engineers, speaking good English and having a Western mentality.

  13. EU Funding
  14. In 2004, Poland became a member of the European Union and, between 2007 and 2020, the country received over 140 billion EUR from the EU’s budget to build new roads, airports, motorways, to develop the rural areas, to improve digitalization, and to invest in business development – making Poland the largest beneficiary of EU funding.

    Today, those changes are visible: Poland is the eighth-largest economy in the European Union in real GDP terms and has many prosperous industries.

    Did you know?

    An impressive 19 Nobel prizes have been awarded to Poles in Physics, Chemistry, Economics, and many other fields. Also, the Poles invented the paper clip, cotton swabs, bulletproof vests, mine detectors, kerosene lamps, and other landmarks in technology. So, they must be doing something right!

    Fun Fact!

    Polish cuisine, in general, has managed to, if not conquer the world, at least take its proud place on tables around the world. Think: “pierogi” – a kind of dough filled with different fillings. Think “kielbasa” (one of several types of meat sausage). Think “kremówka” – a fondant cake (a particular favorite of Pope John Paul II).


    Poland now

  15. Economic recovery
  16. Poland’s economy has not only been markedly less affected by the Covid pandemic but is also recovering more quickly than the rest of Europe.

    The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development forecasts 3% growth in 2021, which would make Poland the only EU member to reach its pre-crisis level by the end of 2021.

    Poland IT Outsoucing location 2021

    Since the outbreak of Covid-19, many Polish companies, including governmental ones, have been investing in digital transformation, seizing the opportunity by further intensifying the development of remote tech solutions.

    In turn, that has increased the need for software engineers to develop fast and reliable digital solutions.

  17. Polish IT and startup ecosystems
  18. Poland’s outsourcing sector has around 700 business service centers that employ over 150,000 specialists.

    Krakow and Warsaw are already tech hotspots, leading the way with the highest number of outsourcing offices in the country and a large number of innovative tech startups, while Gdansk is emerging as the next new outsourcing destination in Poland.

    In the most recent World Bank report, Poland is recognized as one of the most startup-friendly ecosystems in the world, ranking higher than established hubs such as Australia and Great Britain.

  19. Safety

The US Chamber of Commerce ranked Poland the 18th-safest outsourcing destination in the world. At least some of that follows from Poland’s membership in the European Economic Area (EEA) – critical for both intellectual property concerns and the legal aspects of outsourcing arrangements.

Polish software companies are up to date with strict requirements regarding data privacy and personal data processing.

Did you know?

Poland has exceptional internet access. Over 84% of households currently have Internet access in Poland. This is a major benefit for many employees in Poland that are working remotely.

Fun Fact!

The “Little Crooked House” (Krzywy Domek), constructed in Sopot, Poland in 2004 by architects Szotynscy & Zaleski, is globally renowned for the architecture style inspired by the children’s book illustrations of Jan Szancer. Today, the building is a popular tourist attraction, containing shops, office space, restaurants, and bars. It is also promoted as the Polish version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Tri-City Sopot in Poland


Why Outsource Your IT Project to Poland?

Right. Good vodka, the Crooked Little House, and worldwide success in gaming software – they may not be enough to convince you that you should add Poland to your list of countries to consider for IT outsourcing projects.

But Poles’ remote work culture, exceptional internet access, tech versatility, problem-solving abilities, and top software skills – appreciated by the entire world – must be attractive from a business standpoint.

Poland has lower software development costs than West European countries – another essential advantage in getting top coding quality at reasonable prices.

In a nutshell, Poland combines:

  • Round-the-clock support from dedicated remote teams of highly-skilled, English-speaking engineers – with geographical proximity
  • Robust infrastructure – with wonderful cuisine
  • Attractive rates – with respect for legal, ethical, and intellectual property concerns
  • Developers who will not quit until you have what you contracted for – with a delightful quality of life

When you want to entrust your IT project to experts, think Poland.

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