Bucharest, at the junction of the local market and offshore!

Monica JIMAN

Deputy CEO (Senior Partner)

ZF (Ziarul Financiar), the Romanian peer of Financial Times or les Echos, asked me a couple of days ago about the strategy of the Pentalog branches in Romania and Moldavia See the article (in Romanian): In outsourcing e riscant sa pariezi 100% pe Bucuresti I had already tackled this topic in a previous article, explaining why our strategy for Bucharest has such a powerful local approach. Bucharest cannot be an offshore development centre anymore. That is understood if my peers ...

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Let's talk about Romania and Moldova

Dear counterparts, I recently discovered the German Business Contact Network “Open BC” and I read some interesting articles and comments in their “Offshore Outsourcing Forum”. Some professionals wrote that offshore outsourcing is only a matter of finding a reliable partner with consistent experience, wherever this company may be located. I do not agree. I believe it is much more complex than that… One has to consider offshore business from several perspectives, not only as a cost effective venture. It is also ...

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