Developing your First Mobile App

Serghei Goloborodico

Senior Partner, Business Developer


Hello world, It’s time to get you started on your first mobile app but where do you start? There are a lot of technical decisions to make and a ton of technology options to choose from. One thing that is common among people taking their first steps into the world of mobile application is that they want to develop their product at a reasonable cost. So limiting cost is the criteria I am using to propose a mobile development plan. Start With ...

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Look South for your Next IT Outsourcing Partner


When someone mentions outsourcing our minds automatically think of a far away offshore destination like India. However, for the US and Canada, outsourcing can just as well refer to nearshore destinations like South America. Although South American is not so geographically close to US startups, the time zone congruence is what makes it a nearshore location. The obvious advantages of outsourcing to South America is the lower cost of labor and common working hours, all or most of your working ...

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Agility and Fast Ramp Up: Two Paths to Project Success

agility and fast ramp up

We always talk a lot about Agile Methodologies and Fast Ramp Up, extolling the virtues of these concepts and how they will set your project up for success. Today I will continue to sing the praises of these concepts but instead of just explaining how they will help you with this, that, and the other thing I will provide concrete examples of how each of them were crucial for two of our client’s projects. The Agile Path to Project Success Let’s start ...

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A Human Solution to Cyber Security

Like you and everyone else in an office, I’m using a laptop to get my work done. It was given to me on my first day at the office and I had to set my password and log in to a hundred different programs to set everything up. When I was asked to change my password three months later I heard that a massive cyber-attack had spread across Europe (this was June 2017) and only a few weeks after this ...

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Offshore Software Development in no time

Sophie Lelarge


Imagine finding an Offshore Software Development team that can start coding for you next month! Discover this Offshore Software Development team of Agile Developers, who are ready to launch your IT project on September 1st. They can work with PHP, Symfony, JS, ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS and much more. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and reduce your time to market, contact-us today and we will build your dedicated Offshore Software Development team in no time. Our developers will ...

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