#SWBlockChain: checked!


When? January 27-29 2017 Where? Caisse d’épargne Loire-Centre, in Orléans (France) Organizer? PENTALOG, of course! For quite some time now, Pentalog has been actively supporting events that bring together entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts passionate about the latest technologies. Either they have a technical, design or business background, they are all there to put their ideas to the test. See how one can wisely choose their partners, build a minimum viable product and finally launch their own startup. Sounds great, doesn’t it? People ...
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Hackathons: The BEST way to Code Your Future

Best Hackathon Chisinau 2017

At an academic level, theory provides a foundation for experimentation and helps students figure out what career path they should pursue. In short, theory lays the groundwork that will allow for a more thorough approach to the field they decide to specialize in after graduation. Apart from the academic approach, when your goal is to excel at something, practical experience goes a long way and it can really make the difference when interviewing for your first IT job. Experience can ...
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2017, Digital Horribilis

Frédéric LASNIER

CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)


2016 was a hectic year, both in terms of mindsets and geopolitical risks. No decision-maker can afford to ignore the world’s turmoil. But here I will focus on what lessons the digital sector should learn from the tech-related events of 2016. From social debates to politics and diplomacy, everything is now digital, even war. photo: Matthäus Wander – House of the Free Press (Casa Presei Libere) in Bucharest Putin invites himself to the US presidential elections 2016 was, first of all, the first ...
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Pentalog is extending its digital marketing team in Orléans


Pentalog, the one stop shop for digital services, is an online platform dedicated to software publishers, startups, e-commerce pure players and IT businesses in general. The Group equally assists big caps in their R&D and digital transformation process, providing them with software engineering, IS management and strategic consulting support. Our global offer also covers the recruitment of IT teams via SkillValue, digital marketing via RevSquare and services for equity funding via Pentalabbs. To pursue its growth strategy, Pentalog wishes to extend ...
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#BizDev: 2016 in review

Once again, in 2016 our focus laid on business performance. Following the implementation of its digital platform strategy, Pentalog has strengthened its pyramid of services and obtained impressive results: a 70% contract renewal rate and a 20% average increase of the sales figure for our existing clients. The conversion rate also increased from 35 to 50%, whereas our recommendation rate remained the same (95%). More good news: we acquired 50 new clients! After integrating RevSquare, the Pentalog Group reached a global ...
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