Meet Pentalog Deutschland at #CeBIT2017- March 20/24

The beginning of spring 2017 is taking us to CeBIT© one of the most eagerly awaited digital transformation and tech innovation events of the year. The fair proudly occupies a top three position among the most renowned conferences on digital trends worldwide, alongside CES (Las Vegas, USA) and Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, Spain). This year’s edition brings to the table all the key topics that have given a new shape to our understanding of the digital world nowadays: d!conomy ...
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Virtual Teams – the key to success, conversion and cash in a digital world

How to lead them and turn them into winning teams We all agree that the new working world is fascinating yet intimidating. Whether or not we like it, it is certain that everything will change and some of us have already made the transition.. Today distributed, virtual Teams play a central role in many domains. In the digital age, they are one of the key success factors for companies both big and small. At Pentalog we have been working with virtual Teams ...
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Agile transformation: connecting the dots of a two-year transition to agile best practices


Agile Coach

Agile Transformation - transition to the Agile mindset and team collaboration

Finding a way to increase the visibility of projects while ensuring a high level of team motivation and client satisfaction is one of our main objectives. Through the Guépard program, which was launched two years ago, we have managed to re-think our approach to project management and introduce the Agile mindset to our teams. We are now already preparing for our third year of transition and the results of our efforts are illustrated by every successfully delivered software solution proving ...
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How Trump will blow up the demand for offshore services against all odds…

Frédéric LASNIER

CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)


… as the Brexit is already in the process of doing. Source: Shutterstock Talking from our own experience, we have to admit that never before has our company received so many requests for offshore services coming from the UK… than following the Brexit! A paradox? I think not. Trump’s victory should have a similar impact in the US. As I have already said it in a previous article, which brought us a £600K customer just a few days following its posting, the fear ...
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Investing in Romania’s IT potential

IT services at Pentalog

The value of Hi-Tech outsourcing services on the export market has experienced a significant growth in relation to last year’s performance, with 16% more, which makes it a record number in Romania, according to the data provided by Romania’s Central Bank. The IT market has continued its expansion, solidifying its presence on the Romanian export map and becoming one of the most steady and reliable sources of economic development. In fact, it has exceeded tourism revenue for the fourth consecutive ...
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