Pentalog Boston offers MA Startups top European agile engineers

Frédéric LASNIER

CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)

After convincing world-class startups all over Europe and now already serving 3 American clients in Cincinnati and Boston, it became obvious to Pentalog that time had come to dedicate a special offer to the US market and locate a first operation team in Boston.

Skill Pipe!
After a deep study of Boston startups, we noticed that despite the incredible number of world-class students there, they are never enough to cover the inextinguishable imagination of MA startup creators! Furthermore, the number of powerful VCs creates a permanent acceleration of IT salaries. Hence the insolvable deficit of programmers most of the ventures suffer, slowering roadmap execution.

So basically our idea is simple: creating a virtual pipe of IT skills by connecting the Romanian, Moldovan and Vietnamese capabilities to the Boston Startup hub through a local Project Management office of Pentalog’s inside the CIC (Cambridge).

It’s proven!
Over the years, Pentalog has based its value proposition on differentiations. We decided long time ago to locate the majority of our resources in Eastern Europe rather than India, thus avoiding major timeshift… which is definitely the only way to offer agile offshore
services. Enjoying a minimum of 4 hours of common working time every day, we proved this choice to be right to dozens of startups in Europe and the US (ask Sharealike or Traceone in Boston ;-)). All of them consider Pentalog as an accelerator of their strategy enabling them to sustain ambitious roadmaps. Again, we investigated differentiations by going to Vietnam. For only a +1 hour than India, Vietnam offers better costs and fantastic universities in Hanoi and Saigon and a much larger range of foreign language skills like English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French… (see Pentalog’s offshore outsourcing offer)

Pentalog Boston will focus only on its current core fields of expertise: the web, ecommerce and product partner for software publishers.

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