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Pentalog Brasov: Born to Ride!


It’s weird how one can get to be attracted by the vibe of a place, without even knowing about it. About the vibe. Or the place. Or the attraction. And this, this only, pretty much sums up my first encounters with Pentalog Brasov. I was falling in love with it, without even knowing about its existence.


[Disclaimer: the fact that Brasov is my hometown and the most amazing city in the country, might have had a teeny-weeny influence over the writing of this article, but should by no means impact your reading of it. Facts are facts.]


Never heard of Pentalog Brasov before. I was totally out of the IT world. But then, it gradually happened.

At first, there were the hikes. We just accidentally met each other on some mountain trails, shuffling our weary boots and our content smiles ahead. They seemed nice. (Record #1, if I see you up on a mountain trail and you’re not wearing sneakers, nor chewing and spitting seeds, you’re nice.)

Some other time, there were a bunch of guitars and some merry voices playing homelike folk and rock music. I began falling for them, a bit… (Record #2, if you play at least Guitar Hero like a pro, especially the heavy solos, you’re to fall for!)

Then, some other time, not long before Christmas, there were carols and tons of presents and tears of happiness at an old-age home. That’s when I started loving them!

What I didn’t know back then is that “them” were just colorful, beautiful pieces of a puzzle I was soon about to start putting together – Pentalog Brasov.

pentalog brasov - team

Tiny bits and sunny pieces of Pentalog Brasov

This article is the third episode of my series of visits to all Pentalog Delivery Centers and, even though today Pentalog Brasov is not anymore a place I visit, but a place I homely spend my days in, it’s easy to remember what my love at first sight felt like. Read the first episode of the series here: Pentalog Cluj: the Untold Story of the Kitchen Groupies and the second one here: Pentalog Chișinău: a World Full of Bucuria.


It took me a blink of an eye after I got in the game to understand that Pentalog Brasov was born to ride. And this, because their bikes had all their spokes in place. Of course, you can ride a bike with a broken spoke, you’ll say. Or even two. Some can even miss it. There’s no tragedy. But for how long? And how safe do you feel? Apparently, you’ll be fine. But some broken or missing spokes will burden in time the wheel. A malfunctioning wheel will burden your balance. A precarious balance will burden your confidence. Low confidence will make you avoid hoping on your beloved bike as often and happily as you used to. And all these for a broken spoke you ignored for the time being.

Well, there is no broken or missing SPOKE at Pentalog Brasov, this I tell you!


1. “S” is for a “Sane, Sporty” Life

We run, we hike, we bike and God knows we don’t care if we’re good at it, as long as we have fun! And we have. Loads! No need to step back if you’re more like a Mario & Luigi kind of guy and you don’t feel like running over the hills for some extra energy. We also enjoy playing boardgames and assembling puzzles, with a bowl of nachos nearby. If you’re not much of a sportsman at all, and you’d better spend the evening cleaning the house Freddy Mercury-style as a way of exercising, you’ll be glad to hear that we sponsored the local curling team. With a popcorn bag in one hand, you can spend the entire evening watching how others broom. Now, that’s classy!

pentalog brasov - pentasport

All in all, Penta (like chocolate) goes with anything! PentaHike, PentaRun, PentaBike, PentaSport, PentaPuzzle, PentaOpen, you name it, we do IT!

2. “P” is for “Proficient Programmers” we brag with

Happy employees make happy clients. Happy clients make a happy company. A happy company makes happy employees. As easy as that. It’s the way life works. In time, you receive what you give. And because our awesome programmers need to put in the game loads of energy, they receive it enough and to spare from all the PentaActivities above.

Day by day, they find the best solutions for our clients. They code, they test, they debug. They learn, they develop and then learn some more. They move forward with Agile steps. They go to sleep with problems and they actually solve them by breakfast time. They are nice, considerate guys – they could grow eye doctors rich, but there’s no need to – they code with their brains, not with their eyes. They speak in algorithms… every time they have no clue what they did, but hey, it worked! And if it didn’t, they don’t take it personally – if everything was smoothly working, they would be out of jobs.

pentalog brasov - pentabar

It’s not like we brag, but P also goes for the series of our trademark events, the smart-chill PentaBars, which join together code-enthusiasts from all over the city. We’re also waiting for you!

3. “O” is for “Oh My Gosh”, what a view you have there!

“Oh my Gosh, what a view you have here!” [if we just had a sharecoin for each time we heard it…]

“Where?? Oh, that old mountain thing there? Didn’t even notice it…” [disclaimer: we lie. We’re enjoying it each and every day.]

You’re most probably a smoker. Or a coffee lover. A coke addict. A fresh air sniffer. A 5 o’clock tea freak. A recurrent pause seeker. An agoraphobe trapped in an open space environment. A knee-ankle-shoulder quick mover. A stair climber. An “oh, I just wanted to see if it rains outside because I forgot my umbrella and I’m leaving in 5 hours from work. Oh, it doesn’t. I will stick around a bit if I’m already up here.” You can call it whatever, as long as it gives you the opportunity to breathe in from time to time the picturesque view and air of our ninth-floor terrace. Don’t blame us. You’re exactly the same! Just that maybe you didn’t have the opportunity to find out. Yet.

pentalog brasov - view

Coffee always tastes awesome, but with this view, it also looks awesome!

4. “K” is for “Karma” you cannot “Kill”

What goes around, will always find a way to come around. Call it faith, fortune, misfortune, accident, karma or whatever, but you know it is always waiting for you, right behind the corner. So why not give it reasons to be nice in its turn? Plus, being good is fun!

We love mountains and nature and we would like to have it alive and standing as much as possible, so we get actively involved in this. Philosophers say the best time for planting a tree was 20 years ago, and the second-best one is today. So, armed with a spud in one hand and a rake in the other, at fall time we plant the trees we haven’t planted 20 years ago. Then, with a litter bag in a hand and some sturdy gloves on, we put karma to some dirty job.

We love people and we know we are among the lucky ones for so many reasons. And we feel like giving back from that luck in ways you and you, most probably do as well. It’s not about the novelty of our acts, nor about the quantum of investment, but about the easeful feeling of a life beautifully lived. Karma has no menu. You eat what you plant. A reason more to make sure the seeds we’re planting today are not already rotten.

pentalog brasov - csr

We run for them and we are grateful we are able to!

5. “E” is for what makes the difference – “Efficient Education”

I used to think of myself as a grownup. I pay bills, I have a TV, I even cook every other week. Plus, I changed my ID Card a couple of times, if the other arguments fail. Nevertheless, truth to be said, you can qualify as a grown-up when you are able to responsibly educate another being. I cannot educate my two adolescent dogs, but that’s another talk and another reason I’m glad I’m part of Pentalog Brașov.

Like the other Pentalog agencies, Brasov is a knowledge sharing and IT-wisdom spreading nursery for all ages and profiles. The Estival Experience series, for instance, is the place where high-school kids learn how to do magic in only 2 weeks, under the wand of the Pentalog mentors. They create fully functional web site pages with the speed I was losing lives at Prince of Persia when I was their age. University students prepare during summer practice for the jobs they dream of. The internship programs are meant to refresh the skills of the participants, whereas the PentaStagiu programs are meant to develop the existing ones.

Whatever your age, level or tech aspirations, the smart guys at Pentalog Brasov have their way of teaching you that programming is like a very tidy salad with everything exactly in its place. And if you don’t turn out to be a salad MasterChef, at least you’ll be ready to handle the bugs in it.

pentalog brasov - it development

Pentalog Brasov never fails in sending the right message to the young generation. Have you received IT yet?

Instead of goodbye – please don’t get this article wrong. I’m not saying that life at Pentalog Brasov is awesome. That this is the place for you to be. There are lots of inconveniences and unpleasant things here, as well. For instance, sometimes the bananas are not very ripe for Fruit Day and the beer starts warming up during the PentaBars, because a roomful of people tends to have this effect on it. Not to mention that there were days I had to wait in line for the coffee machine and one time a colleague promised to bring pancakes for the entire floor and he did and I ate five, because he also brought rose jam and chocolate filling and then I felt sick for the entire day and I had to rest on our amazing terrace on the 9th floor. But hey, that’s life. Get used to it. Not everything is perfect.


And so is life at Pentalog Brasov – perfectly imperfect, but with all the spokes in place and running!

Want to give it a ride as well? See here our next open event!

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