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Pentalog Cluj: The Untold Story of the Kitchen Groupies


The first thing that strikes you when you arrive to Cluj is their “there’s-no-rush- bro!”-accent. Depending on what corner of the country you come from, the stroke is more or less gentle. Now if you take this and add it to a 2-floor IT company made up 90% of men, you might get a first glance of what an uneasy and “bro-let’s-do-this-faster” kind of girl got through at her first visit at Pentalog Cluj.


And if you were wondering what this uneasy and “bro-let’s-do-this-faster” kind of girl was up to in Cluj, well let me tell you that I lived and fully breathed Pentalog Cluj for one week, during July 15-19, as part of my series of visits to all Pentalog Delivery Centers, with the view of increasing the awareness of the events we are organizing in all the agencies.


Coming back to my story, I traveled by train from Brasov all night so I arrived later than most of the people in the agency. They were all there. Laptops and PCs on. Silence. Quite dark. From time to time, a head-phoned head perked the still atmosphere for a short “hi”, when I was passing by. Call me hasty (and you wouldn’t be wrong), but all the geek stories I’ve ever heard came into my mind. [insert brain talk about geeks:] Geeks are shy and tight-lipped. They never get involved in things. They just want to stay in front of their PC. Even when they leave work they go home and sit in front of yet another PC. They only eat and play PC games. When have you ever seen one exercise or enjoy the nature? Don’t even mention to party! Somebody stop me!

Pentalog Cluj Geeks

Disclaimer #1: all the voices bumped into each other in my head only. None of them was planned to come out if they eventually turned out to be true.
Disclaimer #2: no geek needs to be hurt by this denomination. After one week with Pentalog Cluj I found out that Geek is the brand new Awesome, and I will just count 3 arguments in (for further arguments, feel free to contact me whenever).

1. Geeks don’t eat, they feed their tech-savvy brains

Don’t count me as rule, but I love kitchens! And that’s because I love food! Coincidence or not, the guys from Cluj also love their kitchen! As a matter of fact, they spend quite an amount of time in the kitchen, because they are hungry. Hungry to share what they very well-do, hungry to find solutions among their community, hungry to talk about their common passion – technology.

Be it about the QA Community, about the Agile meetings or the JavaScript gatherings, the purpose of their participants is to constantly grow, but not alone. They aim at enriching everybody’s knowledge about the topics of interest, so they create this safe, out of judgment place, in which they learn and explore daily project challenges. They focus as well on mistakes and turn them into opportunities, they laugh about their bugs and don’t take themselves that serious.

And what a better place to do this, than a kitchen?! Who’s ever judgmental in the sanctuary of tasty experiments?

Pentalog Cluj

There are great chances to go for an ordinary coffee, at an ordinary hour in the kitchen and to stumble upon this – a typical kitchen gathering. Yeap, these guys can find countless reasons to turn this humble food stage into a coding knowledge sharing session and they surely do it!

I might even say there’s a blessing for their tummies to organize some cultural events, as well, because that’s one of the few moments they use the kitchen for what God intended, namely for cheese, salami and crackers. Take for instance Day of France. Even though JSA groupies were most probably thinking about their coming up Server-Side Rendering meeting and about how this could open new horizons to SEO/link sharing experience, they were doing it at the shade of a nice glass of red wine and a cheese bruschetta. Now that’s what I call a kitchen properly used!

2. Geeks are awesome comedians with an unbeatable twist: knowledge

It’s a fact well-known that Cluj is not only home of awesome night life, Electric parties and Untold experiences, but also hub of top universities and diverse educational events.

Whether they give it or they take it, knowledge is always on their table.

And the Cluj PentaGuys know how to make the best of it. Their interest does not stop to tech events, they are also passionate about life coaching, leadership, conflict management and public speaking, because they know these are soft skills good enough to enhance their hard skills.

And whoever said developers are shy geeks, should by no means take a closer look to their involvement in events such as Codecamp, Techsylvania or Jax Conference.

They listen, they learn and when they speak, they do it like true comedians with an unbeatable twist: the pride of knowing what they are doing. And I am telling you, it shows.

There is a witty peep saying that a good public speaker is in the first place a great private thinker. And Pentalog Cluj offers the right environment for this – the kitchen and the balconies are the everyday stages for these lurking awesome comedians.

Cluj PentaGuys

What can be better that a quick & effective brainstorming on the balcony? For the PentaGuys in Cluj this is where the “behind the scenes” takes place. And what a better view than this?! The cranes in the background lay the foundation of the city’s infrastructure, while the coffee in their hands lays the foundation of their following success stories.

3. Geeks from Pentalog Cluj like to move it move it

They move cards and items at the boardgames evening, they move tennis balls and foot balls, they participate into running competitions, they bike, they ski, they train hard for Spartan Races, they evaluate their lunch options in terms of carbs and proteins, they are even ready to move their good vibe in a new agency (details to come soon!).

They know every move on the tech market, they move crowds with their balcony-talks and they know there is no such thing as a bad move, so they try them all, in their pace. With their “I-told-you-there-is-no-rush-bro!” accent. With the vibrant and electric lifestyle of Cluj around. With their homely touch. With their chill vibe that makes you want to be part of their team.

Lifestyle of Pentalog Cluj

Be it a sport of mind, a sport of legs or arms, what they do, they do it will all their hearts! They train, they play, they sometimes gamble, they put everything at stake to create awesome memories toegther, because, at the end of the day, that’s what turns them into Pentalog Cluj family.

I left Pentalog Cluj behind with a relaxed “bro-there-is-a-time-and-place-for-everything” accent and I thank the awesome team for that! Now, if You, as well, want to experience a glance of this curative Pentalog Cluj air on your own, you are more than welcomed to join one of the open events they are organizing (book your seat to the following one, here).

Because if Untold is way too told already, their untold story of awesomeness is ready to be written and YOU can be part of IT!

Flash news: our awesome geeks from Cluj have just moved into a new house! Did you get the chance to visit them already?


This article is part of the PENTALOG VIBE SERIES/ Ep. #1 – Cluj. Stay tuned for upcoming articles on different Pentalog Delivery Centers!

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