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Pentalog in Boston

Cosmina Trifan
Cosmina Trifan
Chief Marketing Officer

After a two-week-trip on the West coast of the U.S, Pentalog has been reconsidering the idea of a new destination. This time we are planning a trip to the East coast, to Boston (April 30th – May8th 2013).

Capital of the state of Massachusetts, Boston is among outsourcing-it-company-Boston the top 10 most economically powerful cities in the world (see table, source McKinsey Global Institute, May 2012).Boston is a famous higher education center with a strong emphasis on scientific, engineering and technological education and research (Cambridge, MIT, Harvard, Boston UIt-outsourcing-company-bostonniversity). This city is the second technological cluster after California’s Silicon Valley, a complete ecosystem ready to adopt and promote the emerge of products, services and innovative business models.We consider Boston as a possible destination to accommodate a new sales entity of Pentalog group or most certainly new partnerships. We are open to the concept of new business or business ventures with companies from any sector which would be complementary to our offshore expertise. Pentalog U.S is a possibility, a local company specialized in a specific technological area, a type of service or a particular sector. We will see what can be done, depending on events, interests and local conditions…In either of these cases, our objective is to establish a new sales branch office allowing us to sell our offshore IT services that we are already marketing in other countries.


Pentalog always had a start-up oriented strategy: with an IT business incubator and investments in local start-ups like Easyflyer and Ecotravel, how shoud we not consider taking this to an upper level in one of the world’s leading innovation centers?Pentalabbs is the first private business incubator managed between France and Emerging Countries, which is focused on adapting its R&D to the new needs of emerging countries, as well as developed countries.

For Pentalog, the size of its client companies is of little importance. Our IT services and outsourcing expertise are qualified to adapt to start-ups and to large multinational business needs. In any case, Pentalog seeks medium, long and very long-term partnerships with its clients.Pentalog built up a talent pool of over 800 people, of whom 450 have worked or are working for a start-up, (80% of them are based in nearshore locations, 10% in offshore locations and 10% in Western Europe) specialized in a total of 12 verticals and technological expertise areas :ecommerce, automotive, banking finance, software publishers, M2M, telecom, etc.outsourcing-it-services

People-Centric, the Pentalog spin-off incubated by Pentalabbs, offers its customers a suite of tools dedicated to IT recruitment, available in SaaS mode, with components that can be made available as white-label products. This start-up, both an online recruitment agency specializing in IT and a software publisher dedicated to HR solutions, encounters huge success especially in the French IT service company field. People Centric is preparing to export its business model to other countries. Finding partners for local sales of its solutions in the U.S. is part of the tracks that Frederic wants to explore during this visit in Boston.If you want to meet us or find out more about our IT development offer (embedded systems, HTML5, PHP, Java, .NET, etc.) and our outsourcing strategy, don’t hesitate to contact me directly, either via a comment to this post, via e-mail, or via social networks

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