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Pentalog London Office: The Premises of our Story in the UK

Dan Deusan
Dan Deusan
Head of Business Development

Among the present concerns of British residents and business owners alike is 2016’s Brexit referendum. But, besides the uncertainty that each specific business sector needs to address in its own way, London remains one of the greatest tech & startup friendly cities, competing with New York, San Francisco, Paris etc.

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Pentalog London

To speed up and consolidate further our current great results in the UK, the Pentalog Group is unveiling a new commercial office with the same value proposition of delivering the full range of our tech & digital services, including IT outsourcing, freelancing, digital marketing, consulting and even funding with our innovative tech for equity model.

With the goal of being a one-stop-shop for digital product creation, our platform helps companies of all sizes, including startups, throughout the entire lifecycle of their digital products.

Pentalog has been harvesting fruitful collaborations in the UK for some time, now. With 8 current clients (5 in London), we have been able to generate around 12.5M€ in turnover (70% coming from London) up to date without maintaining a physical presence there.

At the moment, we have around 70 engineers working on nearshore projects for our UK clients with a plan to deepen that footprint.

Using our previous projects as a touchstone, along with my colleagues, I was able to get a gauge on the pulse of the city, its enormous potential for our platform and what we could offer its many business owners, entrepreneurs and developers, too.

Uniting UK’s Growing Developer Community

In addition to ensuring IT companies in London and its surrounding areas are given the access to the talent they need to scale, we are bringing our flagship HR branch, SkillValue along for the ride.

With 3 main service offers, Recruitment, Freelancing & IT Assessment, SkillValue is giving UK companies access to our private community of over 300,000 tech specialists who are looking for new, exciting projects to take on. Our UK clients can now source top talent from Romania, Moldova, Mexico and Vietnam, all of whom have been tested and certified using our very own platform, which is also made available to you.

To date, there are over 700 IT specialists on our platform in the UK alone ready to help you get your digital project off the ground.

Much More than FinTech

A quick look at the latest technology news will explicitly boast London as the next best thing for Fintech, alongside San Francisco’s Silicon Valley. With 7 of the world’s Fintech unicorns (companies valued at over $1bn), situated there, the sector has helped solidify “The Big Smoke’s” position as a global economic force – but many other fields are helping London gain recognition and attention.


Pentalog’s British adventure started 5 years ago with the amazing and disruptive e-commerce pure player – Made.com.

As a newly established startup, they needed the flexibility that the high standards of IT outsourcing could provide them with, combined with the capacity to ramp up new teams much quicker than it is currently possible to do in London. We started with a team of 5 engineers and some very challenging projects since the very beginning. Today we approach a total of 30 engineers, divided in multiple awesome teams, working completely as an extension of the Made.com teams in London. They are just 2 hours ahead of UK time and a 3-hour direct flight away.

I was involved since the first day in this awesome adventure, we grew together with Made. Step by step, the word was spread and we have managed to launch successful partnerships with other great clients in areas such as e-commerce, FinTech and software publishing. I strongly believe now we’re able to efficiently use our past years’ great experiences to build up at least similar success cases in London and the UK.



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