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PM Camp in Chisinau on 24th August


On Saturday, the 24th of August, Cornel and I organized a Project Management Camp in Chisinau, the delivery center (DC) of Pentalog, of about a hundred people in the Republic of Moldova. We organize this kind of events in the DCs several times a year to bring project managers and team leaders together and enable them to exchange ideas and to be informed about new perspectives on a project concerning the organization, management, and, sometimes technical aspects. These events are deemed very collaborative and interactive.

The theme of this session was aimed at improving the maturity of practices and participants in projects. The topics proposed to the ten participants were the following:

– System dynamics, root causes, continuous improvement and learning cycles, retrospectives- Business value, value VS waste, Value Stream Map, Lean ManagementWishful thinking, Team Velocity, Planning and EstimationSelf-Organizing teams, Definition of Done, Team welfare– Differences between traditional development and agile software development methodology

On Friday evening, the participants who accepted the invitations voted for the 3 topics (in bold on the above-mentioned list) they wanted to be covered. In addition to these topics, I presented the tools used by the infrastructure team to manage our virtualized infrastructure in our data center. They already know how it is done since the deployment of our new infrastructure. I also presented the provisioning interface layout which will enable them to manage the virtual machines themselves within the limits of the resources made available for the project as regards our private cloud.


Business value, value VS waste, Value Stream Map, Lean ManagementThis topic was covered in three stages.

– Theoretical presentation of these topics- Presentation of experience feedback in the field of agile / lean software development methodologies and a concrete application example of value stream map- Organizing a practical exercise for emphasizing the value of collaboration. I will talk about this exercise in a future article.

Wishful thinking, Team Velocity, Planning and EstimationThe concepts were quickly presented in order to be able to share experiences. Cornel detailed several indicators to match the team’s speed. We agreed that one of the participants would lead a sharing knowledge session based on their assessments on related items.

Self-Organizing teams, Definition of Done, Team welfareWhen comparing the “Command & Control” and “Self-Organizing teams” concepts, the participants expressed their views depending on their current experience and projects. Our aim was not to reach the conclusion that only one approach was perfect, but to set a clear trend towards a self-organizing team for projects where the needs are clearly expressed.

As we systematically calculate it at the end of a PM Camp, the ROTI (return on time invested) rate was 3.8 (the grades were between 3 and 5). Around the closing round table, all the participants proved to be very satisfied with the covered topics and the interactivity of the discussions. Many thanks to the project managers for attendance and active participation.

PM Camps will go on taking place in other delivery centers. The organization and the topics are to be suggested in Iasi, Brasov, Bucarest, Cluj and Sibiu.

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