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S-commerce : Pentalog Israel sells a Social Commerce platform to a world leader in design

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer

Pentalog has reasons to be happy. Our clients place our offer higher and higher in fields like e-commerce, telecom industry, soft R&D or consulting in Information System.Now including a consulting department that is quickly joining the league of the sector leaders, Pentalog‘s overall offer of industrialized software production (mastering costs, quality and deadlines) draws more and more clients willing to use only one player, able to fully engage its responsibility. Overall means that thanks to the joined forces of Pentalog Institute (consulting and technology) and its historical nearshore and offshore capacities, we are now able to intervene on ergonomics, technical architecture, implementation of software factory and as far as production of course, in the best quality and price conditions. This complete cycle for performing software or web operations is integrated by practically no other player on the market, should it be IT companies, consulting offices or digital agencies.On that topic, the Israeli branch office of a world leader in design, that is extremely innovative, has just chosen our IT outsourcing company for completing its portal on which its clients share design experiences. The solution’s architecture shall be entrusted to Pentalog Institute (France+Romania) while the production shall be entrusted to Pentalog Moldova. Another consulting operation has just been concluded by Pentalog Institute (France), that might lead to the implementation of a software factory in Romania. This global business model, at every step of the quality achievement, causes already a great deal of interest and reduces even more the appeal of classic IT companies. They are neither really expert, nor really industrial and are indeed too expensive, so nowadays I am not so sure to what extend they can be useful to a client aware of the best practices in software production.

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