Startups: Pentalog, the anti-dilution solution, we have said it time and again!

Frédéric LASNIER

CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)

It’s been years now since Pentalog has staunchly committed to responding to the needs of the market of both funded and unfunded start-ups. Thus we have been technologically involved in amazing adventures such as Coronis Systems (nowadays a member of the Elster group with a revenue of €20M), Dmailer (which unfortunately no longer exists), TraceOne (a booming business with a top secret revenue), Sensee,, 123TV in Germany, Beamyourscreen also in Germany, Nordnet (at present Orange), e-circle in Munich, our gold mines, Easyflyer, Virtual Fanatic, People Centric and Ecotravel, Isiom nowadays Ocea, a member of the Suez Lyonnaise Group (currently counting 500 people), Sinnovia, taken over by Ineo… counting probably about fifty people, with whom we have developed extraordinary international relationships, assisting them in R&D and maintenance, advising them in industrialization and regularly exchanging information on their strategy.

Looking back at this fascinating journey between professional relationships and genuine friendships, I don’t really know why that sketch of Coluche’s, about the washing powder, comes to mind. In my opinion, it could be a slogan for the world of startups. I particularly refer to this phrase: “antiredeposition, we have said it time and again!” For Pentalog, when a start-up entrusts its requirements to our company at a very early stage, it is the perfect ANTI-DILLUTION formula! We have said it time and again!

It’s amazing what you can do with your first €150,000 when spending it with Pentalog icon_smile

  • being advised on technical issues and a premium architecture
  • receiving financial advice (fundraising, Research tax credit, young innovative company…) and even getting funded
  • implementing a genuine R&D team
  • developing its POC
  • developing its V1 in a few months, enhancing corporate culture beyond mere ideas.

Generally speaking, it would cost at least double or even three times as much to produce the same result outside Pentalog, at a time when every single euro raised is particularly expensive for the transferred capital.

Many clients of ours can testify to the incredible effect of the technological and financial leverage that Pentalog has been for them, going beyond the mere offshore development provider relationship.

Coluche was right! Otherwise, what happens if Pentalog doesn’t hold the capital with its little muscular arms? It re-dilutes! We have said it time and again!

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