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[Episode 10] – Data center in Orléans


Last week, I was asked a few questions by Julien from the neighbouring Orléans Val de Loire agglomeration, as part of a study which he is carrying out with regard to the expectations and the necessity of data centers in Orléans.Pentalog has been using data center colocation services since 1999. As our needs and demands are constantly evolving, we are now at our 5th location. As a provider of outsourced services and CIO, I was therefore the right person to answer his questions. We completed our interview with a visit to the data center where our equipment is based. But I will write another article on what we have finished deploying.In short, here are the requirements that Pentalog might have if colocation resources were available in Orléans:- International operators (WAN tiers): Several operators need to be present. The milliseconds in service quality matter. The direct presence of these operators in Orléans would entail a genuine competition, thus offering a wide range of high-performance services.- Virtual ISP (VISP): The outsourcing of hosting does not mean that we want to manage the entire chain. The presence of at least one VISP in the data center which takes over the virtualization of network layers (multi-homing, BGP4 etc.) is an important aspect.- Intervention services: Although remote interventions allow to cover most actions, it is essential to be able to call a technician who can push an On/Off button. We have used this type of services approximately 5 times in 2 years. We don’t need this service often, but when we do, it is a real asset.- Consumption follow-up: A view of the data center consumption in order to allow us to calculate the PUE at the power outlet.- Different other requirements: I will randomly mention a floor resistance with a load of more than 1 ton/m2 for ensuring a high density; physical protection of the premises; video access to the camera close to the bay (or integrated into the bay); incident / humidity / temperature protection.Potential clients who might be interested in these services:- Information Systems Departments might be interested in outsourcing their infrastructure if the management of a robust server room is not the company’s core business. This is all the more true as the presence of numerous operators optimizes bandwidth costs. But company headquarters which require these services are not so numerous in this department.- The proximity between Orléans and the Paris metropolitan area would maintain data centers in the required range for ensuring synchronous Dual Building services (mirror infrastructure). As the Paris metropolitan area is becoming saturated, those who co-rent here could look for these alternatives in a less expensive area.As regards the choice of location, everything is debatable. But, following my reflections on the subject:- The town centre must be avoided because of the limited parking space- Industrial buildings (or areas) could be an interesting solution (dual feeds) as they have power inlets and maybe even disused offices- The proximity of operators’ fiver optics allows to limit civil engineering works.- The work space must be extensible in order to accommodate emergency groups.With cloud computing services which may need to be located in France and require a high quality of service (reliable latency), community data centers have an interest, but the market still seems to be difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the role that local communities will play in this project.[Episode 09] ISD – Building the future of our information systems[Episode 11] ISD – Choice of technologies

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