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Making use of outside consultants in a Consulting Firm

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer

We have a tendency to forget occasionally, that Pentalog realizes close to 2 million Euros from consulting, and that this represents 20% of our sales figures. However, over the past 2 years, as part of our decision to improve the quality within the company, the decision was taken for the first time to engage an outside consultant to assist us in reviewing the company’s performance, and this mission was entrusted to Pierre de Thélin. The results were good, even very good! I admit it was not easy to accept, but Pierre understood us. He managed to suggest the plan that we needed and in doing so became our friend. Today, he always accompanies us and makes trips from time to time to Romania and Moldova to train our project managers.In 2009, we are tackling a new project, which I definitely want to see completed within the year. For this reason, we again called on specialists outside of Pentalog. We have chosen to be assisted by a firm which I regard as being one of the best in “web strategy”, in France. I have engaged the company, Group Reflect and Alexis Mons, as the director of strategy. I asked him to be our principal advisor and to lead the project. The implementation of this program will be later assigned to Pentalog teams.The challenge of this project is strategically very important; the principal objective is to preserve the uniqueness of the Pentalog strategy that during the past 4 years created a rate of growth between 30% and 67%. Pentalog.com Version 2010 will be both the spine and the embodiment of the strategy which will be developed in the coming years.Alexis is therefore presently working on integrating our strategic plan into different web interfaces. More than ever, we will seek to initiate an online sales procedure for complex software or infrastructure operations. But, more than ever, we wish to publish an online strategy and try to generate new financial or commercial partnerships, directly from the web interface. Furthermore we wish to give our future clients the possibility to directly interact with us even before we make “first” contact with them.I want to do everything to preserve this state of emergency which generates both creativity and high efficiency. But the current Pentalog.com is no longer efficient enough for what we are asking of it. It has fulfilled its mission. But sadly we now are working faster than the website we built. Alexis’s mission is to ensure that we are once again overwhelmed, by the flow of business from the web.

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