Virtual Reality – the start of the next computing revolution


Surely you’ve played a video game that felt so real that you wanted to pinch yourself. Or maybe you’ve watched the birth of a tornado on a meteor website just for fun. If you’re really lucky, you’ve probably even developed virtual reality applications for PCs, consoles or mobile devices. Specialists say that virtual reality is the next big thing in the tech field and there are many reasons why important companies all over the word invest heavily in web VR ...

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SmartOffice Hackathon – fostering knowledge sharing and innovation


Pentalog’s Chisinau delivery center has recently organized a SmartOffice Hackathon that challenged our employees to come up with ideas for improving life at the office by technical means such as building web / mobile applications or inventing automated processes, robots, sensors or other kinds or artificial intelligence. Pentaguys, putting ingeniosity at work for SmartOffice Hackathon in Pentalog Chisinau After a three-week process, the designated jury decided to reward the team who came up with the idea of implementing a quick and easy ...

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Startup Weekend Events – how to scout local talent


Most of today’s successful businesses started with an idea or a dream. Due to the fact that some entrepreneurs lack relevant feedback on their ideas, experience or resources, they get stuck or fail. A way to validate one’s idea and to benefit from other people’s expertize regarding startups is to publicly expose it to local events where one could find investors, businessmen or company representatives. They scout local talents and share their expertise – free of charge – to support ...

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AI in Mobile Applications: The Next Tech Trend


Though an incredibly powerful tool, with huge market potential, Artificial intelligence might still seem underutilized at the moment, due to AI being a complex technology. A few companies have been using AI for a while. Netflix, for one, uses basic AI to recommend the next movie you should watch. Dating websites use sophisticated algorithms to find you a match, and the intelligent voice recognition software that powers apps like Siri and Cortana is becoming more and more powerful every day. Ready ...

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Start-up incentives for innovating companies

Aymeric LIBEAU

Senior Consultant (Senior Partner)

On March 21st I took part in États Généraux du Cloud organised by EuroCloud France association. It was a truly dynamic day with rich exchanges during the workshops, quality participants and companies that really deserved their prizes. During this event, Ms Laure de la Raudière, MP (UMP) has made an interesting intervention talking about her vision of the digital economy where cloud has definitely a significant place. The participants have largely admitted that the innovation and research & development start-up incentives are, ...

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