IT offshore press review week 21/2012



The main subject was Facebook IPO trading, so we begin this IT offshore press review with this article: – Reports: Nasdaq Admits Technical Bugs Affected Facebook IPO Trading (May 20, 2012, CIO) – Offshore Suppliers: Beware of Hidden Costs (May 21, 2012, CFO News) – Facebook Buys Mobile E-commerce App Karma (May 18, 2012, CIO) – CIOs Don’t Need to Be Business Leaders (May 18, 2012, CIO) – Twitter jumps on Do Not Track bandwagon (May 18, 2012, Computer world) – Consumerization trend creates IT worries, ...
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IT offshore press review week 17/2012

The IT offshore press review at a glance: VC, Google metrics, SaaS, IT consumerization, outsourcing in the UK and others. Enjoy! – Venture capital poured into enterprise software in Q1 (April 20, 2012, Computer world) – Google introduces new TV like metrics for measuring ads (April 19, 2012, Computer world) – 82% of data breaches due to staff errors; 4% of IT trusts users; IT is still to blame (April 19, 2012, IT World) – Making an aaS out of free software (April ...
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