Ihre Termine sind sicher – auch im Nearshoring

Sie haben sich bereits prinzipiell dafür entschieden, Ihre Projekte auszulagern und z.B. in Rumänien entwickeln zu lassen, um auf hervorragend ausgebildete rumänische Software-Entwickler zurückgreifen zu können in Kombination mit einem eindeutigen Kostenvorteil gegenüber Deutschland. Fragen Sie sich nun, bevor Sie diesen Schritt endgültig gehen, ob Ihre Meilensteine auch mit Sicherheit gehalten werden, denn Sie haben von einer höheren Fluktuation in Rumänien und Moldawien im Vergleich zu Deutschland gehört? Wie meistens im Leben kommt es darauf an, vorausschauend zu planen. Wenn man ...
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Project management seminar held in Iasi, Romania: ideas just burst out!


CQO & CIO (Founding Partner)

We may say that ideas really burst out last Friday and Saturday during the project management seminar held in Iasi, Romania. Thanks to the presence of 5 members of the Pentalog Management Board (Frédéric Lasnier, Monica Jiman, Eric Gouin, Aleth Delcenserie, Manuel Damian), the participation of 7 project managers (Alex Arapan, Dan Avram, Razvan Brinzila, Mihai Burlac, Dan-Cristian Iftimi, Vasile Putina, Ion Vasilov), 1 project director (Ludovic Bavouzet), the technical director of the Pentalog Institute (Cornel Fatulescu) and 4 delivery center ...
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Germany: plenty of jobs!

Two pieces of news published in the German mass media cause certain discomfort, especially against a gloomy economic backdrop where Greece and Spain are going towards an incredible unemployment rate of 27.5%! The building of the German “employment center” will soon be made available for rent, so there’s no longer any need to invest in its maintenance  (= zu vermieten)! All the German employment centers will dismiss 10,000 employees in the near future… simply because there will be no unemployed persons!    But ...
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IT offshore press review week 22/2012



It’s a new week, it’s a new IT offshore press review! – Massive Layoffs at HP Make for IT Outsourcing Identity Crisis (May 24, 2012, CIO) – Panel: Future CIOs Will have Careers Blending Non-Tech Roles with Traditional IT Duties (May 23, 2012, CIO) – Japan robot lab readies second prototype for work at crippled nuclear reactor (May 25, 2012, Computer world) – Why utility is the new ROI for IT projects (May 25, 2012, Computer weekly) – Spinning off IT dept makes ...
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Annual report 2011

Pentalog releases information about the year 2011 regarding its sales figure, manpower, new customers, current projects…

Monica JIMAN

Deputy CEO (Senior Partner)

– 26% growth in sales figure, under Pentalog brand, while Syntec federation records only 3.6% (software, services and IT consulting). – 35% growth not including the joint venture with Ausy group, which recorded 19% growth. – Over 35% growth in sales figure, including the contributions of PentaLabbs , within Pentalog’s incubation program. – 3 new companies have joined Pentalabbs in 2011: Easyflyer (1 out of 5 French leaders in online printing), a business bank specialized in IT, Web IT Factory; the overall sales ...
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