Why the Stakeholder should not be mistaken with the Product Owner


Agile Coach


Mistaking the Stakeholder with the Product Owner might lead to various dysfunctionalities with major impact on the delivered value. A stakeholder is anyone that can affect the product or be affected by it. Usually there are many stakeholders, with different expectations, levels of knowledge and availability for building the desired product. Stakeholders are the end users or their representatives, sponsors, part of the company’s management or different departments. A Product Owner is a single person who should pay attention to the stakeholders’ ...
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The Scrum Master Paradox

Gabriel Barbur

Scrum Master

scrum master - leader

“Don’t hate what you don’t understand.” – John Lennon Yet even if you try to understand, the role and existence of the Scrum Master are subject to intrigue. Starting with the name and going through to the most elaborated definition, the shape and substance of this new character is an opportunity for debate. Etymologically speaking, Scrum refers to a rugby play formation where the team gels together to achieve a common goal by taking the game rules to a state of the ...
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Pentalog’s agility program: 2014 achievements and perspectives

Context As you might have read on our blog, “Guépard” is the name of Pentalog’s agility program that started in July 2014. I’m pretty much sure that everybody is curious to find out what Guépard offered us last year. This transition process focused on 4 dimensions: Trainings Coaching Knowledge sharing and camps organized by Pentalog Institute Alignment of internal processes Trainings  In 2014, the Agile, Scrum and Kanban trainings represented an important part of the program. How did they help us? Thanks to them, we were able ...
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“Agile” contracts

Dan Deusan

IT Project Consultant

The vast majority of the Pentalog projects are developed in an Agile mode, which always raises the same issue: adapting the contractual framework to the new Agile context. This issue is even more difficult in the case of fixed-price contracts. This article aims to present certain possible solutions that are generally a good compromise for all parties. Contracts are meant to cover, among others, the moments when there is no communication whatsoever between the two parties. They reflect our hopes and ...
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Pentalog Institute QA CAMP – a Common Successful Result!


Sales Director (Founding Partner)

“Waw : )”, “I’ve learnt more during one day in comparison with one year“ These are just some of the impressions of the participants of the cross-agency Quality Assurance (QA) CAMP held on 3-4 October in Chisinau :)! Indeed, the QA CAMP 2014, the 5th Edition (CHI) is a strong one, following the QA camp events organized starting from 2011. This time, 15 participants from Brasov, Iasi and Chisinau joined the QA professional meeting. The endorsed objectives of this event are: Upgrade the competence ...
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