Lookalike audiences: learn how to advertise on Facebook

Do you know how to advertise on Facebook the smart way? Is your current audience small or not responding enough to your ads? What are Facebook lookalike audiences? Lookalike audiences is a Facebook Ads feature that enables your online advertising manager to scale Facebook advertising by targeting people who are similar to your most valuable audiences, which means your current and best customers and clients. Creating a lookalike audience allows you to target 20 times more people than a custom audience and will include ...
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Lookalike targeting: how to improve customer acquisition

lookalike targeting - Agilizza event

Living in a digital world means that most of us are connected no matter the distance. The internet has made possible for people to search and learn a great deal of things. As a consumer, it has become much easier to purchase a specific product, to compare prices and features, to review it, to be part of groups that share the same interests etc. In order for advertisers to reach their audience, sophisticated targeting strategies can be used. Next Boston Agilizza ...
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The new SMAC!

Aymeric LIBEAU

Senior Consultant (Senior Partner)

It’s such a wonderful era that we live in and things go so fast! From public and personal information to information use and digital consumption anywhere and anytime, the conclusion is more than obvious: the unity of time, place and action does no longer correspond to professional or even personal practices. An acronym starts to impose itself under the umbrella of the 4 basic features of these (modern) services – SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud). At a closer look, each of ...
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Pentalog launches its Search Marketing (SEM) offer: offshore and nearshore SEO, SEA and SMO

Ioana Cosmina TRIFAN

Chief Marketing Officer

According to Forester, webmarketing, a rapidly growing domain, and digital strategies in particular will make up to almost 21% of the global marketing budget in 2014. Following the same path, Gartner predicts a 9% increase of the investment volumes in webmarketing strategy and digital advertising. The multichannel trend gains more and more notoriety inside the marketing departments while the budgets allocated to digital strategies will continue to increase sharply in the near future. The marketers are aware that channels such ...
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The MWC 2012 Conference – A vision of 2022 (second part)

Mickaël HIVER

Head Business Lines

The conference continued on the vision of 2022 (see my previous post here) by presenting several companies and their innovative solutions. Paul Lee (Deloitte), the chairman of this conference, has asked us for a vote in order to see which of these innovative solutions epitomizes the future: – EarSmart: enables an object to hear (even in an extreme sound environment). They believe that, in 2022, the voice will be more useful than at the present day. In order to achieve that, ...
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