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Pentalog Careers: The True Story of a Team Leader

Mihai Cimpean
Delivery Center Manager - Cluj

How often do you meet a Team Leader with genuine appreciation and concern for his team?

A leader who, instead of focusing on the problem analyzes the “why” and  is curious to find a solution?

Meet Alex, a Pentalog Team Leader from Cluj.

His focus is on setting the right tone and encouraging the exchange of ideas within his team. 

Alex -Team Leader

Alex, a team leader based in Pentalog’s Cluj office

Together they are working for a growing FinTech company currently expanding its UK, US and Asia-Pacific footprint. The start-up offers highly innovative solutions to enable its clients to mitigate risk in buying and selling financial instruments – what the industry refers to as ‘collateral management’.

The innovation? This software is cloud based – a first in the industry. 

The technical environment is based on JavaScript, ExpressJs, NodeJs and MySql database to serve and capture data on REST endpoints, while the frontend is built on ReactJs, Websockets, HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript. Tests are written with Jasmine and Jest.



A Professional Journey Led by a Passion for IT

Alex started his professional adventure as a support guy on a B2B solution. Meanwhile, he began studying and working as a freelance developer on PHP, Joomla and WordPress.

His passion led him to transform this hobby into a career. Later on, he combined all his previous experience and enrolled for a Team Leader position.

Our guy is a forward thinking man who sensed that IT is the future. He predicted the IoT era and this is what fascinates him – it still does. 

Alex’s love of computers and all-things tech dates back to high school. He first learned Pascal and Fox Pro and created an app for accountants.

His dream was to create games for himself and his friends which he now jokes about because he still uses his gamification skills to find new ways of engaging and motivating his team. 

Later on, PHP and JavaScript unveiled the true meaning of his passion for web and programming.

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A team leader is “a third force, one who builds the playground in order for the team to discuss and share ideas”. Apply for a team leader position at Pentalog!

Becoming a Team Leader

In Alex’s case it wasn’t an outright decision, but rather being the right man in the right place at the right time that led him up the ladder to becoming a leader. 

It’s as if he had been preparing for this role for his entire life. 

In college he was involved in lots of student associations and as a support professional he worked with a plethora of people from all different walks of life.

Know that nothing is arbitary. 

It was this 1-2 combination punch of technical skills plus life experience that gifted him both the hard and soft skills to succeed in his new position. 

Alex is simply a people person who also happens to be a great programmer! 

“It’s not an easy job, but a rewarding one.” according to him. He adds that if you’re open-minded, love solving puzzles and enjoy being involved, then a Team Leader position just might suit you. 

“A Team Leader thinks before he speaks. The trouble is never at the surface where everyone can see. It’s always hidden and needs to be understood.” 

When asked for his definition of a team he simply smiles and instead of a definition says, “Family.” How great is that?

“You spend one third of your life at work and have the privilege of having 2 families. The team should of course act as a whole, but be creative as individuals. It’s a blessing that we’re different and don’t have similar backgrounds or visions. A team should encourage sharing ideas and having open discussions. To put it shortly – you’re never alone.”

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What is a Successful Team Leader?

Alex sees himself as a third force, one who builds the playground in order for the team to discuss and share ideas.

While acting as a facilitator for his teams’ success he does make decisions based on their skills and needs. 

He is fascinated by human nature, conflicts, reactions, or the fact that the issue sometimes has its roots in the past. When trying to define the most important abilities a TL should have, Alex says that patience is key – patience and the ability to coach people.

“Basically, you have to help them find the answers to their puzzles by themselves.”


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And now, let’s see how Alex’s team defines their team leader…  how the team defines a team leader

Success means something different to everyone. Alex defines success as doing what you love and giving it 100%.

Moreover, he says that success as far as teamwork can be defined as “harmony”. 


Do you see some of Alex’ qualities in yourself?

If you enjoy working with people and helping them evolve; if you have a passion for coding then a Team Leader position just might be for  you. 

Alex’s project is about to expand and another team is currently being built. 

All it needs is the right leader in the right place at the right time. 

Do you have what it takes?

Contact me. I will help you lead your very own team.

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