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Pentalog Tech Events 2019: Writing Code & Reaching Core


Seriously now, why would an IT company organize events? Don’t you, guys, have more important stuff to do? Maybe some code to write? Bugs to solve? Softs to develop? Clients to please? Money to make?

I could just stick to the fact that I’ve been asked this kind of questions several times and maybe you were thinking about them as well, but I will go further on and confess that they were actually the first that triggered my curiosity, and very soon the interest, in the Pentalog world. How come that a software development company is so hands-on on so many non-development activities? Why are they doing them? Why do they invest time, energy and effort in something that apparently is not providing the expected ROI in this kind of industry?

The answer is easier than I (and maybe you, as well) imagined – here, at Pentalog, we are growing a joyful community of active BEEs with the geek-worldwide CTT syndrome (admit it, you just opened another one right now 😊!). Consequently, organizing tech events and being all up and doing in several activities and movements truly gives back a lot!

tech events - pentalog

The 6 core values of all Pentalog agencies.

These 6 simple words guide our actions and, more important than that, define the relationships we’re shaping with our colleagues and clients. That’s what we ask for, and that’s what we naturally give in return. Otherwise, we would not have been PentaGuys at all! We all know those big companies with the walls covered in pictures depicting their values, with sketched motivational triggers and framed diplomas. Whereas we cannot argue over the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words, we prefer having the core values of our company speak during our events, not just hang them on walls. In the long run, actions will always say it louder. Hence, coming back to the former idea, all these so-called non-development activities, actually overflow in development. Because we’re not only developing software, but also relationships, equilibrium and a homelike setting for all us to grow.

2019 was a rich year in BEE and CTT and so were the activities we undertook in all the Pentalog offices, be them development or business centers. Even though we line up to the same core values, we treasure and focus on the peculiarities of each agency and enhance every activity we do by means of this local vibe. If you are curious to taste a bit of the energy I was surrounded by, in the various Pentalog agencies I traveled so far, you can browse through the series of articles I’m currently writing:

Here is a brief infographic of how our 2019 looked like in terms of the events we organized:

tech events

PentaEvents 2019 in numbers

But you see, 2019 was neither about the numbers nor about the recurrences or about ticking off activities from a list.

  1. 2019 was about the Balance we managed to keep between work and personal life. About how we didn’t shape every workday into a wait for the evening, for Friday, for holiday, for days off moment. About how we worked and had fun all in one and so we plan to do from now on as well!

  2. 2019 was about the Empathy that shaped the core assets in us. Cynicism, criticism and taunt are an easy job and that’s ok, we’re all humans. Going beyond these is a challenge we’re maturely tackling in more and more of our events.

  3. 2019 was about the Excellence we never ceased to aim throughout continuous learning and education of all types. Instead of just asking youngsters without experience what they can do for us, for our business, for our society, we strove to answer first what we can do for them. Excellence is never to be rushed!

  4. 2019 was about the well-rounded Collaboration between the development agencies of Pentalog, the business centers world-wide and the SkillValue platform, each of the three nurturing the others with their specific virtues. We are all richer today.

  5. 2019 was about the Trust in the professionalism and the outgoingness of our colleagues who stepped up and out in so many open stage activities. From internal communities of practice and knowledge sharing, to external meet-ups and PentaBars, to worldwide webinars and international tech events, our PentaGuys spoke them all out. Kudos to that, guys!

  6. 2019 was about the Transparency we always dressed our actions in. We’re now excited and comfortable to share, listen, take feed-back and, where needed, adjust. It’s not easy, but it always works like a “reset to factory settings” button – if transparency doesn’t come by default, if it doesn’t stand bold and sparkly in front of our deeds, all the other 5 values will bring no value anymore.

A sneak peek into PentaEvents 2020

2020 has just started and we are already off to so many great BEE CTT experiences!

They say that every new year is a new beginning and for Pentalog Bucharest, Guadalajara and Paris it literally was. The 3 agencies moved in their new homes, all eager to meet the expectations of a fast-paced growing business. And, of course, a little more space for the tech events we’re planning in the following period can only be welcomed!

We’re up and running the coolest codes in 2020, as we’ve always been and we shape our tech events around these new fashionable trends, so make sure you won’t miss the next PentaMeet-ups in your city.

Last, but not least, 2020 is also the year Pentalog Romania is turning 20 & Pentalog Chisinau, its younger sister, 15 and this, of course, will not go unnoticed. We’re not spoiling it yet, but wait for it, it’s going to be legendary!

Having said these, we’re ready for another awesome ride this year and we’re reaching out to YOU, all the amazing BEE CTT guys around the world, to hop on in this exciting adventure with us.

Cheers and a happy new eventful year to us all!

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